Viral Content Buzz Review – Reason I love it

I hope you are pretty excited to know about ‘Viral Content Buzz’. It’s a very strong web based tool to market your content.

Before you go through the whole article, I would like to save your time by asking you a couple of questions. If these are not the reason you here, you can read How to promote your blog? first.

I wrote an amazing content but what next?
How to make a content go viral?
How to promote the content in minimum time?
What is the best tool for content marketing?

I have been using this tool since last 2 months and am pretty much confident to share my views.

This tool is absolutely free and that’s why it’s so popular among individual bloggers and start-ups. The other best part is the user interface. It’s pretty simple for even newbies because it has two main features. Either you can share someone’s content or people will share your content.

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Get started with Viral Content Buzz

Creating a free account: Simply go to the viralcontentbuzz and choose the best way to register. Once you are done with registration you will receive an email to confirm.

Add your social media accounts: This is the best tool to work with. It involves simple steps to start. Once you are logged in add your social media account by clicking on Settings –> Social Media Accounts. You can add Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

They have the option to add Stumbleupon but at the moment, they don’t have API so you need to provide the username and the password. Please pass any login information at your own risk.

Easy Dashboard: You are done with the profile creation. Now it’s time to see the simplest Dashboard. Find the image below.


At the bottom of the category list, you can choose if you want to see the posts from All Categories or My Categories.

Share the content: Now this is time to viral your content. As you can see in the image above, there is content published by other content creators. You can simply click on the social account and share the content. There is a nice reward attached to it. You will earn credit. I will explain the significance of credit later in the post. Read on.

Post your content: Now, definitely you are not here only to make other’s content viral. You would like to share your masterpiece as well.

If you are into content creation you must read about Online grammar check tool

In order to post a content, you need credit points. Minimum 10 credit points are required to post a project. When you create your free account you get 10 credit. Viral Content Buzz made this arrangement to stop selfish practices and spamming. You can earn credit by sharing other’s content and then you will be able to post more projects. So it’s basically a give and take relationship.

You can also earn more credit by sharing content written by ‘Viral Content Buzz’. You will get this option on My Project page.

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Strict spam policy: I like the strict spam policy. All the content go for moderation and on approval, you will receive an email. They check the content manually so you will get the best content quality. Initially, it took several attempts for my content to be qualified for posting, but now I am running many successful projects. If they disapprove your project then you will get your credit back or alternatively, you can edit and re-submit.

viral content buzz quality guidelines

Paid version is also available: I am using the free version and am pretty much happy with the results. Also, you can upgrade and get more points each month to share more projects. But this is only valuable if you are a professional content creator and producing a lot of content each month.


Update: 12-05-2016

I am back with a new update on the ‘viral content buzz’.

How to get your project approved on viral content buzz?

When I started submitting the projects I had to go through a lot of rejections. Every time I posted, a project moderator used to decline the project saying the title and description cannot be same.

I was very surprised and went through the details of their guidelines again. This time, I got it right! Here is a summary of the guidelines below for your perusal. If you follow this, you won’t be having an issue.

1) Write catchy title and description.
2) Title and Description should be different.
3) Do not use more than one # tag in the title and description
4) Do not post any project containing free offers

project-addition-guidelines-viralcontentbuzz next is best
project-addition-guidelines-viralcontentbuzz next is best

Update: 15-07-2017

Hello All, hope you are enjoying the updates on the article. After getting a lot of response I decided to check ‘Viral Content Buzz’ again.

First of all they renamed themselves as ‘’ But the only problem is now I am not able to login using my old credentials.

Here is the screen shot of what I am getting. I am in touch with them for the resolution. Feel free to post if you have any suggestion.


Hope this review is helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any query. I am still analyzing this tool and will come up with more suggestions. I will honor your feedback.


  1. Thanks for sharing Vikas! I have gone through the post and its really helpful. I am going to create a new acc on VCB 🙂

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