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Very Useful MacBook Shortcuts – NextIsBest

I recently bought MacBook Air 13″ and struggling with the shortcuts and I have been using windows since I have got the laptop.

I am sure switching to an entirely different OS is little problem. I tried finding on the internet and getting a huge list of shortcuts which I am not sure if I am going to use even once.

So I sorted some important MacBook shortcuts which you will use in your daily work.

I will also add more to this list.

Common Shortcuts:

Return to desktop – fn+F11
Copy – Command+C
Paste – Command+V
Cut – Command+X
Save the document – Command+S
Delete the document – Command+delete
Minimize any window – Command+M
Close window – Command+Q
Select All – Command+A
Find item in an open window – Command+F
Hide the window from the front app – Command+H
Show/Hide the spotlight teach box – Command+Space Bar
Screenshot for selected area – Command+Shift+4
Open preferences – Command+, (Comma)
Empty Trash Can – Press and hold for 1.5 Sec and you will find the option to empty trash
To search anything on the Mac – Command+Space Bar
Jump to the desktop – Command+H

Sleep, Logout and Shutdown commands:

Sleep computer – Command+Option+Power Button
Quit all apps and then shut down. You will be asked to save the document – Command+Option+Control+Power Button
Logout MacOS user account – Command+Shift+Q

Document shortcut:

Boldface on/off for selected text – Command+B
Italics on/off for selected text – Command+I
Underline on/off for selected text – Command+U
While saving a document choose desktop as desired location – Command+D
Find misspelled word in the document – Command+; (Semi-colon)
Page Up – fn+Up Arrow
Page Down – fn+Down Arrow
Scroll to the beginning of the document – fn+Left Arrow
Scroll to the end of the document – fn+Right Arrow
Go to the start of the current line – Command+left Arrow
Go to the end of the current line – Command+Right Arrow
Go to the beginning of the document – Command+Up Arrow
Go to the end of the document – Command+Down
Long space after a word – Option+Space Bar

Hope you will find this useful. Please leave a comment if you know something unique which can help the viewers.


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