triberr review 2016- how to promote your wordpress blog

Triberr Review 2016 – How to promote wordpress blog

How many times have you read ‘how to promote WordPress blog’? The answer is ‘infinite’ times. But do they really work or they are very tricky to follow?

Let me end the curiosity and introduce this amazing platform called Triberr. Most of you have heard, who are blogging for quite some time. It’s very effective tool to use. So if you have forgotten the username and password my recommendation is to brush it up and start using. For the new blogger, it’s fun to start.

[bctt tweet=”#nextisbest #socialmedia Triberr is free tool to promote your blog, content or any written material

Why one should join Triberr:

This question also crossed my mind and I have got my answer after joining. Dino Dogan is the founder of Triberr, the social network for the content marketer and bloggers. It sends millions of visitor every month to the members. In Feb’ 16 it has been acquired by 99robots and Charlie Patel is the new CEO.

When I saw the Triberr’s dashboard, I have lost all my excitement about the platform. I was not able to relate how can this platform promote my content to millions of users.

Now joining was just the first step but what next? The user interface was pretty simple and you will not find it engaging in the first look.

So I decided to send some requests to tribes with Millions of reach. I waited for 3-4 hours but nothing came back. I was planning to shut down the account but I have got my first reply:

“Hello Vikas, I cannot add you in the Tribe because you don’t write about our blog theme”

Sounds very depressing but another thing struck my mind. It’s unlike Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Because there you will get similar community but not exactly same. You get likes, views and comments from the people across the world. But on Triberr, you can choose a much targeted audience.


I write blogs about Product Review, Social Media, SEO etc. I have sent an add request to a Tribe which is focused on Healings and spirituality. My idea was to get some interesting people from there and definitely there must be people who would love to read my articles. But Admin denied my add request because I don’t write about the Tribe’s theme. That’s what makes Triberr special.

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Another good part is, you will get an option to add social media accounts so it will be easy for Triberr’s to share your article with their followers and imagine the number of people you will reach.

What did I do to get 3 Million reach in 3 days?:

No rocket science it’s not even a miracle. It’s the beauty of the Triberr. I simply created a profile added my blog to it as shown in the video. After that, I started adding relevant people. Definitely, it took some time to learn. Then I created 1 tribe
Next Is Best. I sent five invitations and all accepted because they were from same blogging niche. Finally, I have got 3 million reaches. Let’s read further to know how this works.

how did i get 3 million reach on triberr
how did i get 3 million reach on triberr

How to register for Triberr:

You can start login using any below mentioned social media:

Once you are logged in, go to the right top corner and select the setting to make necessary changes in the profile before you go live. Please find the quick video to see account setting process.

What should you do being a Triberr member?

Triberr will give you the liberty to add tribes of your blog niche. You will go to the tribes from the top navigation and start sending the request to add yourself to the tribe. This way you will be virtually connected to the tribe member’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). So you can imagine the how viral you can market your content.

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Focus on small tribes and make sure they are relevant to your writing theme. Otherwise, chances are you will be kicked out 🙂 I have been kicked out many times initially. 🙂

As I have mentioned this platform is for bloggers and content marketers you will have a great opportunity to content with new bloggers you can follow their blog and they can follow you back.

Genuinely share, comment and like other’s post and you will get more love and shares. Don’t be a salesman here.

[bctt tweet=”#socialmedia If Triberr DOESN’T WORK for you the problem is with you. Read more.”]

My Mistake:

When I have started using Triberr, the biggest mistake I made was start sending a request to all the possible blogger and start wasting time to write on their page. But soon a blogger wrote back mentioning my mistake and I fixed it. So don’t waste your time thinking it’s just another social media platform.


1) Free membership but paid is also available
2) You can get very targeted audience
3) Easy to understand interface, well very easy 🙂
4) Great customer support (


1) Paid membership is little painful to promote WordPress blog for newbies as it’s $10/month and for single post promotion one time is cost $5.
2) Less user-friendly and there should be a proper guide available. Below link will give you some initial information.

Triberr Support

Feel free to ask here in comment section. I will help you. If you found any other strong platform, please mention.


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