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Trello for project management – Review

It’s simply amazing how I came across Trello. I was reading an article on how to streamline your daily tasks and manage clients effectively when they mentioned Trello. “Fancy name, but is it worth using?”, were my first thoughts. What did I do? I dived right in the world of Trello to get a better snapshot.

What is Trello?

Trello is a project management tool widely successfully and running for several good years now. It is a free cost for the basic version and for people like us, the basic version is all we need. It has a very powerful organising structure which when put together with your brains can give you maximum output.

For whom is Trello beneficial?

Trello is beneficial for anyone who has a lot of tasks and needs organising. For bloggers like you and me, Trello becomes even more important because it helps us organise our strategies, helps us see what we have done so far and puts the big picture into small blocks which can be magnified whenever we need to.

Getting started:

Registering and setting up the username are the easy parts. But what do you do when you get past that stage and you have an empty Board sitting infront of you. I had to check some YouTube videos before working on Trello.

welcome screen trello - next is best
welcome screen trello – next is best

Trello has a very interactive UI set up in the form of Boards, Lists and Cards. A Board is like a broader picture so you can create Boards for specific clients, projects etc. Inside a Board you have lists. A List is basically a collaboration of “To Do individual tasks” which make your and my life easier. These “To Do” tasks can be created by cards. Each “To Do” task gets its own card.

board screen trello - next is best
board screen trello – next is best

Now comes the fun part. There are so many variations and tweaks available which you can make to a card that this entire experience becomes lively.

Things which are interesting in Trello:

For example, I have created a “To Do” task as Blog Writing in a card, then I have the option of setting a due date, creating a checklist, uploading files, links etc related to the topic I want to write about and multiple such features. You can break each task list into tiny fragments for easy managing.

main activity screen trello - next is best
main activity screen trello – next is best

The best part is that if you are working in a team then you can partner with them and share your ideas/files about a particular card.

Some Cons I witnessed:

I learned Trello from online tutorial simply because it’s way too vast but looks very simple. For first 10-15 mins of login, I thought this must be Beta Version of Trello for project management tool. I watched two 30 minute tutorials and was good to go. Another thing is that Trello is advisable only for large projects or when you have a lot of tasks on your mind.

But now you don’t have to go through it 🙂 because after seeing those screenshot you will have a fair idea of Trello for project management tool.

I love the pros:

For those micromanaging freaks and organisers like me, Trello is a huge boon. I personally liked it’s Checklist feature where you can create a checklist of things you need to do and once you tick on the item, it gives you visual and statistical representation of how much work is done.

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Great stuff !Trello is one of best Project Management tool I found. I highly recommend Trello as it is the easiest way for teams to track their work.

  2. Nice tool for managing any task related to projects, I really like it. Is it possible for you to send me free version link?

    1. Hello Suraj,

      Thanks for liking. You can simply create an account on and it’s totally free. If you will go for any advance feature then you need to upgrade.

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