Top image sharing social sites failed in the last 2 years and beyond

We hear a lot about the success stories of social media sites.

Today we will discuss the sad part of the story.

Not all social networking or social content sharing sites see the success which Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has seen.

Social networking sites have changed the way people communicate.

Communication became much easier and frequent.

This has completely changed the marketing perspective.

In this evolving world every now and then, new social networking or social content sharing websites come and go.

Being a digital marketing consultant, image sharing sites are my first choice while promoting, photographers, interior designer, home renovators, etc.

This is another reason I keep a close eye on the image sharing sites.

Here are some of the social site got shut down in the last 2 years and beyond:


I am adding this to the top of the list because is shutting down this month.

They have specifically mentioned the reason for shut down on their website.

Because of the current COVID-19 situation, they can no longer afford to keep the servers running.

It’s been 10 years since people were using imgfave for sharing memorable pictures.

This was one of the favorite social sharing sites for digital marketeer.

2) USE.COM was one of the fastest-growing image hosting sites on the Internet.

It’s quick and easy to upload, edit, share, and link your photos on, even if you’re new to this.

Again this site was very popular for image bookmarking.

The site will be closing effective September 20th, 2019

They will continue to serve images until September 4th, 2019.


Panoramio, a location based photo sharing site by Google.

Since Google has integrated photo upload function in the Google maps they didn’t find any use of running Panoramic.

Another reason for Panoramic to shutdown was the launch of Local Guide by Google.

Google tried closing the service in 2014 but the users petitioned the company to keep it open.

Finally, they have shut it down in 2016.


Recently came across another photo sharing website. They are shutting down the operations on 6th Sept 2020. Though they haven’t specified the reason on the website.

Surprisingly the website stopped working when I have taken the screenshot of their notice from the website.

Thanks for reading and you are welcome to add to this list. Feel free to share if you have any comment or suggestion.


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