Tiktok banned in India_ - Reality Check Of Ratings

Tiktok banned in India? – Reality Check Of Ratings

TikTok, the Chinese short video making app has been facing rough time.

I was bit surprised on the TikTok rantings. I came across many screenshots in last couple of days which was showing different stats.

There are many hashtags are trending in India for banning TikTok.

Here are some screenshots for the reference.

Now I have taken some screenshots form the Google play store to check.

This was TikTok Pte. Ltd.

So TikTok Pte. Ltd. has confused us. Many of my readers asked this question since they were seeing this in their play store.

It was showing, TikTok was not available in India.

So I have taken another screenshot after couple of days.

Now this version of TikTok is still available for download.

At the moment it shows 2.9 stars with 20M reviews.

Reviews has fallen down drastically since the fans of popular Indian YouTuber Carry Minati has flooded the play store with 1 star rating.

So we are clear that TikTok is not banned, yet people are demanding for this.

In my opinion provocative content is not good. Instead of banning an app we should educate ourself to use such apps.

It’s no big deal if tomorrow we see another app flooded with such videos.

At the same time the moderation process for such content hosting platforms should be strict.

Atleast I am not expecting such content mentioned below. Given twitter handle in the screenshot is suspended now.

Sharing and creating content is good and we are all doing it. Let’s do it responsibly.

Please share your opinion in the comment section.

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