Technical Aspects of Mobile SEO

Technical Aspects of Mobile SEO

Mobile phone is no longer luxury. It’s an integral part of our life.

Google research shows that more than 50% of searches are happening on mobile devices. Still, we are unsure about the exact number. Though you can check your Google analytics for the exact numbers.

Mobile devices has made the job easy. It helps to make the decision faster.

For example:

you are on the move and suddenly saw an advertisement for a brand new watch. Earlier, by the time you will be reaching home and open your laptop or desktop either you will forget most of the advertisement or you won’t have the desire to buy.

But now because you have smart mobile phones you can instantly search and because you are trapped in their marketing, very high chances are that you will make a buying decision.

So, now you might have understood why mobile SEO is important.

Follow this simple checklist while doing the mobile SEO:

Website should be fully responsive so that it can display perfectly on the mobile devices.

As you have only one set of codes you don’t need to do separate SEO for mobile devices.

Google wants to give its users the best experience so you have to design your site in a way that the user loves. I mean easy navigation, not cluttered and to the point information, clearly visible call to actions.

Font should be readable and should put a strain on the eyes.

Title and meta description should be short and crisp. Because of the small screen, most parts of the title and description will truncate.

Don’t display any annoying popup or advertisement because that will distract your customer and he many not click on your call to action.

The object is to engage the visitor in your valuable content and then help them through the right strategy to take action such as form filling, call, or online purchase.

Create big visible buttons. Try to keep the color contrast for the buttons so that it can appeal to the visitor to click and take an action. For example, you can use Red, Orange or Greens buttons. Avoid black and white buttons.

Use the right size image for mobile SEO. don’t upload very high-resolution images because they won’t fit properly in the small screens also it will impact the website speed.

When you are trying to open a website on the mobile device you want the result extremely faster. There is a psychological reason for that. We are nowadays are using 4G/5G internet connections. We don’t have patience. I still remember we use to have dialup connections at home back in 2006 and waiting for many minutes before YouTube videos even start to buffer. That’s why speed is playing an extremely important role in mobile SEO.

Get a high-speed hosting server. Because the hosting speed massively affects your website speed.

While uploading the images use plugins to compress the images. Otherwise, the original size images can eat your website speed and make it look like a snail. In the case of WordPress, there is a plugin called WP-SMUSH which can help in compressing the image without distorting the quality. Once all the images are compressed you can remove the plugin.

Another important point. These plugins are also responsible for slowing down the website. Certainly, the plugin makes the job easy but doesn’t install unless it’s necessary.

Hope you all have enjoyed this post. Feel free to share your suggestion in the comment section.

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