Statusbrew Review: A Platform to Manage Your Social Media Activity

It’s common that most of the businesses have more than one social media account nowadays. They want to be active on their social media channels and stay on top of social media tasks but aren’t able to remain present on all platforms at the same time.

Social media management tools help businesses to manage multiple social accounts from one interface and thus grow their social presence.

Statusbrew is an exhaustive social media management platform that helps you manage all your tasks from a single dashboard and improve your social media workflow.

To learn more about this productive social media management tool, you must give it a try and learn how your workflow on social media becomes spotless.

Here is a detailed review of the features that Statusbrew offers:

Composing and Scheduling Posts:

Planner view of Statusbrew gives you the ability to check the posts that are scheduled or published for particular dates. You can see the posts in the grid as well as a calendar view.


If you are starting with Statusbrew, you would need to create the post first. It is effortless to create posts in Statusbrew. Just click on the Compose icon at the left navigation bar and start creating your post. Statusbrew lets you add stock images and GIFs from the inbuilt media library. You can even shorten the links, get hashtag suggestions for your Twitter posts, or add tags to a post according to the post type.

When completed with composing the post, set the custom time for uploading the post, or select a category that you need to create for sending them on particular time slots. You can even save the post as a draft, send it at the same time, or send it for approval from your team members or clients.


Social Engagement on Posts and Ads:

Sharing engaging content to your audience is an important part of marketing strategy. But maintaining social media presence, replying to all the conversions, and check comments on different social media platforms might be a little confusing.

Statusbrew makes it easy to quickly react to relevant conversations, respond to social media influencers, and create a robust social media presence without switching from one social media account to another.

It helps you get all the messages, comments, mentions and replies into its Engage inbox. You can reply to someone’s message on Facebook, comment on Twitter, review on Google My Business or comment on your Facebook ads.

Not just for replying, but it also lets you assign a specific conversation to your team members, set important conversations to priority, add filters, leave notes on conversion and mention your team members.


Exporting Analytic Reports:

Statusbrew is a powerful tool that helps analyze the insights of your various social media campaigns. The tool provides dashboards that accumulate various social media KPIs in one central location. Although you can manually scroll through your tweets and feed posts to see which ones gained the most attraction, it is a lot more operative to automate this process with a service like Statusbrew.


It helps to check various insights on your social performance. You can check by applying filters according to profiles or metrics etc. You can even customize the reports and export them in your system or share them with your team members.

Is Statusbrew the right tool for you?

Yes, you can give it a try. Statusbrew is a comprehensive platform that helps small businesses and large teams manage their social media presence across multiple channels. It provides extensive features to help businesses maintain their social presence, interact with customers or social media influencers, schedule the timely content on social profiles, and keep track of your performance.

If you want to align your social media management, then Statusbrew is a must for you. Want to try the workflow on this tool, then get your free trial now!

Feel free to share your experience in the comment section. You suggestions are welcome. If you have any feedback share here. Your feedback will help our valuable readers.

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