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Skin4gadgets Product Review – Next Is Best

Skin4Gadgets is an e-commerce start-up that specializes in Tablet covers, Laptop Covers, Phone Cases and more. So, when we were approached to review the products, we were ecstatic not only because its products are funky and creative but also because they offer really good quality products at optimum prices.

Let’s talk about this Start-up:

Skin4Gadgets is a young company with a fresh perspective to create quality design-oriented products that sell.

They strive to inspire through their designs and they splash these designs over Laptop covers, Phone Skins, Phone Cases et al. I was in awe at some of their designs. Check it out below. Can you believe there is a phone cover which says “Love at first sight is the result of too much of alcohol”. I giggled.

love at first sight - Next Is Best
love at first sight – Next Is Best

This got me interested in checking out their Facebook page. They have a whopping 52K+ fan base which is definitely growing and their Instagram account is bombarded with pretty images.

Facebook and Instagram Skin4gadgets - Next Is Best
Facebook and Instagram Skin4gadgets – Next Is Best

I quickly scanned its products on the website and zeroed on in a few ones I wanted to try. The UI of the website is simple and straight-forward. You can choose from the categories of Personalized (where you can customize your products), UMG Store, Cases, Skin Covers, Wall art (yes they have the canvas too-I told you they were artists!), Power Bank and other products. I jumped in to make my selection.

Below are the products I selected for Skin4gadgets Product Review:

1) Moto G 2nd Generation Designer Case
2) Xiomi Redmi2 Designer Case
3) Xiomi Redmi2 Tempered Glass

skin4gadgets products - Next Is Best
skin4gadgets products – Next Is Best

I had ordered them on 15th-July-2016 and with prompt delivery received the products on 18th-July-2016 via DTDC. They came in a simple carton box but I was impressed with the cases. I put it on the phone cases and they fit perfectly well.

MotoG Second Generation case and tempered glass for the MI2 phone were bang on and instant hits with me and my team. There was also a small surprise gift card inside the tempered glass box.

So if you will buy a tempered glass you will get a gift card of worth INR 200 which you can use on Skin4gadgets to make another purchase.

skin4gadgets tempered glass - Next Is Best
skin4gadgets tempered glass – Next Is Best

However, for the MI2 case, the fitting was a bit hazy as we could not have the cover fitted without removing the back cover of the phone which I found a bit weird. Also, the color for the MI2 back cover was little different than the image shown on the website.


You know I love shopping in the malls as well as on streets. There have been numerous occasions when I have approached those shops and stalls which offer really funny and cute phone covers and have just burnt a hole in my pocket.

Also, the quality is compromised on the products bought from street vendors.

Skin4Gadgets has quite a reasonable pricing for all its products. At first, I thought we are getting a discount because we are reviewing its products but later on I checked that the pricing is standard for all.

MotoG Phone Case: INR 499
MI2 Phone Case: INR 499
MI2 Tempered Glass: INR 379

You will also find some good discount on the original prices so don’t hesitate to explore.

What I found interesting:

Well, two things.

Firstly, the customizable products available. I own an Apple IPad Mini 2 and would love to order from this section in near future. Skin4Gadgets has cases and covers where you can insert your own text in a font you like. You have a certain freedom to design here.

Secondly, the Wall Art section. It has cool wall art stuff like motivational quotes stuffed on in frames and other funky stuff to inspire and motivate you. A recommended visit to start-ups as they are always looking to put this type of stuff on their walls.

I would be ordering sometime soon from this section.

The Review: 8.7/10- Because you are a cool company. Cheers!!


  1. Hello Vikas i want to buy customised cover for one plus 3. LAst week it was 399 but today its 599. Is there any coupons available for this.

  2. Hey Vikas,

    Nice review. I might look at something from them in the future for my phone.

    Thanks for sharing

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