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Should you consider rebranding? Why can’t a logo be perfect?

Burger King recently launched a new logo so I thought we should understand why rebranding is important.

Rebranding is important not only for big businesses such a Google, Burger King, McDonald but also important for small and medium business.

International fast-food giant Burger King started 2021 with a fresh and bold rebranding.

I have an opinion on Burger King’s old and new logo. Feel free to let me know your opinion in the comment section.

burgerking rebranding logo

Logo is the summary of your business. This is way people remember it. So we should always try to make it simpler and easier to remember.

Burger King revised the logo after 20 years. I personally liked the logo changes.

At first even the old logo looks good. But when I closely looked at it I figured out few points which they have in their new logo.

In the old logo they have a yellow shiny bun which looks more like Egg Yolk instead of bun.

Blue circle around the logo doesn’t make sense. They might have an explanation but I didn’t understand.

Blue is not the color for the food chain industry. I thought that blue circle was an open mouth and the burger is inside the mouth. I am sure now you can visualise 🙂

If the blue circle is a wrapper then the tilted look doesn’t make sense.

The new Burger King logo is perfect. They have used the right color for the bun. It is not tilted so patty will not fall 🙂

Now below is the image for McDonald’s logo. Let me know what do you think about their old and new logo in the comment section.

Creating a logo doesn’t mean putting some font and icons together. You should always give a deep thought and take professional help. Because logo will speak about your brand for years to come.

Just think how many places you will be using your logo. Logo is going to be an integral part of your brand.

You can always create a complicated logo but making it simple require certain professionalism.

Logo should be designed in way that it should fit properly on social media accounts, apps, mobile versions of websites etc.

If you are planning to rebrand your business start now or your competitor will do it first and you will look like that you have copied them. Those who do first always gets an edge.

If you want to understand the science behind nextisbest logo read this post 🙂

Let me know your thought in the comment section.

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