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I #ShareTheLoad and feel proud – Gender Equality

I am a tech blogger by passion and write about SEO, Digital Marketing, Product Reviews etc. but when I came across ShareTheLoad campaign, the blogger in me was touched.

I am writing this blog because I faced a similar situation at my house and I am the one who changed it. I am proudly announcing this. Read further if you are the one who wants gender equality in the next generation.

Let me ask few questions:

Have you seen your mom managing all the household work and dad watching TV?
Have you seen your mom balancing work in office and at home?
Have you heard your mom saying I am not feeling well but dad saying cook something light today?
Have you seen your sister preparing for the exam but helping mom while cooking?

I really appreciate this initiative and that’s why I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

I was no different from other men. I used to strongly feel that men should work outside and women should take care of household things, but an incident occurred which touched me so deeply that it churned my perspective inside out.

My mom is a cancer survivor and I still remember when she was hospitalized and fighting death there were a pile of clothes unwashed at home. Many days I went to school wearing an unclean uniform. The kitchen had become like a storeroom, full of groceries but no one to cook. My dad was super depressed.

He was trying his best but nothing was manageable. Finally, mom got discharged and came home. She was weak and needed time to recover from the trauma of cancer and the aftereffects of heavy treatments.

After seeing the situation at home, she took only one month rest and as soon as the doctor allowed her to walk the first thing she asked me – “What do you want to eat?” I was touched.

“I learned this hard way. Don’t wait and Be a part of #GenderEquality #ShareTheLoad”

Then I decided no matter what I will help my mom in all the household work. I learned to cook, wash and clean. Now, my dad became very supportive too. We actually understood earning and buying stuff is the primary requirement but the person using them on the regular basis and feeding us should not be ignored.

This is not a hypothetical situation. It’s a real one and I have seen it up close and personal at my home. This incident had a huge impact on my thinking and moulded my outlook to support women.

My appeal to the next generation:

– Make the most of your time. I am blessed enough to have another chance to correct my mistake but some may not be that lucky enough.
– I am a full grown man now and about to get married. I will make sure I setup the right expectation with my wife. You should too even if you are married.
– Kill your manhood which stops you from helping mom/sister/wife because if you are not supportive of women you don’t have much of manhood anyways.
– Set the example: Don’t wait to be a follower, lead by examples so that others can follow you.

I think such incidents instigate people to think about such issues and impacts the society at large. I highly appreciate Ariel for this initiative. It’s high time now that we understood the changes a woman brings in a family, work and community. Let’s join hands together and support ShareTheLoad campaign.

Please comment if you have had such experiences.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this post. We truly need more ppl opening their minds away and embracing the fact that responsibilities in every aspect must be shared.

    1. Thanks Hannah, feel free to ask for any help…btw enjoy time in Srinagar.

      And dont forgot to bring Apples the fruit one not the gadget 🙂

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