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What is the right way to pitch to clients?

What is the right way to pitch to clients? Learn the right way to pitch to clients with me!

So I receive a lot of emails daily. Most of them from advertising divisions of firms looking to collaborate with us for business opportunities. Many of them do not see the light of the day and head straight to my junk folder.

Why, you ask?

The wrong pitch. Now, what is a wrong pitch?

A wrong pitch is a wrong or rather an incorrect way of pitching your idea to your client. There are many key factors of a wrong pitch one of the most common ones being, you don’t know who you are pitching to!

So many emails just talk about themselves-what they do, what they sell, blah, blah blah-who cares?

I care for an email which cares about me genuinely. They would know my needs, they would know what I do, what I want and most importantly won’t be eager to just close a deal for the sake of it. That shows genuine care.

Elements of a successful pitch:

1) Research about the client you are pitching to: I think if I was pitching to a client, I would first their history. Then in one of my opening quotes, would mention a small tidbit of their history to draw their interest by re-emphasizing what they do.

2) This has worked for me so many times in the past. It always draws attention because it shows you took out time to do your research and hey, that means more to anyone these days than anything else.

3) Initiate an engagement/conversation: So many email pitches I receive contain just statements: “buy from us”, “blah blah is available for you” and so on. They are like you need to respond to with a yes or no.
However, sometime back I did receive an email which just had a pitch where they wanted me to talk. It did not say much about selling anything. It was just a conversation initiator and again that caught my attention in a world full of salespeople.

Remember, everything is relationship-based.

Now, you may be time-bound, but hey that’s why we say multiple pitches in a day (all tailored offcourse), so anyone may click but just posting your stuff on email and expecting to get a lead is just so wrong in so many aspects.

4) Please be genuine: I try to tell people this all the time. The pitch needs to genuinely show how are you willing to help the person you are pitching to with your product/service. This need not be limited to emails. You can have several follow ups later on calls and extend a hand to help.

Maybe give some free tips on the latest market trends you know, share some stats to help them with their current industry, check out some job openings they have availability for on their careers page and send over some people, do some free promotional job for them, the list is endless. Everything to show you care if you actually do.

5) Get creative: I came across this selling tip while reading Art Sobzcak’s book on Cold Calling and Sales, and it had an amazing tip, on how a person after pitching on email followed it up with a handwritten note sent to the person’s office. Handwritten notes are rare these days especially going by the way the digital world has taken over. So if you do that to someone, you are certainly going to get their attention and reply on that email pitch as well.

Below are a few creative email pitches I created for you to get a feel of what am talking about.

Pitch 1:

Hello Mike,

I was browsing through LinkedIn and came across your profile. I believe you are working as the Product Manager with KZY Products prior to which you were involved in a stint with Alba Pharmaceuticals. Since you are in the manufacturing division, I wanted to check with you, which equipment are you using for labeling your products and how is the wear on that one.

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The recent studies show that the wear of labeling equipment increases by 2% every year.

The market is taken by SHA products or the GRS product companies since these are the two most popular ones, I am pretty sure you would be using either one of these. Since we are doing a survey, let us know which one do you prefer and if you get a discount from us, which one would you most likely buy?

Now, what was that about?

Please remember for making the above pitch, you need to know exactly what your client does. In the above pitch, I did not sell anything but just created a tone to know what the customer wants. I guess it is equally important to start any pitch with intelligence gathering. Now that I have the intel, I can position my next post with equally compelling insights and create that amazing sales flow.

That is why sales is an ever-flowing cycle and not a stagnant water spot.

Pitch 2:

Hi Sandra,

This may be a cold outreach, so I will make it quick. Your blog “Homedecorandyou” is a compelling website and going by its Alexa ranking of #38 overall, am sure you must be a very proud lady.
However, my team noticed just a glitch. We happen to have software which just scans the website and we found a few errors.

I am pretty sure you already maybe knowing the robots.txt missing from your file. We can fix that for free but more than that I would be interested in having a conversation with you on your understanding about boosting your website’s SEO results and giving you an insight about other SEO practices that might work for you. This is not a sales call, just a personalized free session call to help you out.

We have been doing these free calls for the different companies now as we love being SEO friendly.

Let me know when can you speak to us.

Thank You

Now what was that about?

Well, I did my homework. Running an Alexa ranking about any company is pretty simple and basic. I just did that and pitched it in order to make it look personalized and that they are important to us.

What, no sales? Yes, no sales pitch. Just a normal helping out pitch to build a relationship and then once we hit it off on the call or on email, make the first move.

Pitch 2 Follow Up:

Hi Sandra,

It was pleasure speaking to you. Glad you liked the tips we had for your website. However, if you remember how I talked about one of the SEO tricks we can implement to increase your rankings, I happened it have the right tool for it………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………and then you go on and pitch your SEO tool or marketing tactic.

That’s how it’s done!

This was a basic outline of how to pitch. However, I pitch not just to clients for websites, but for SEO, marketing advice, collaborating for digital marketing campaigns, branding collaborations, blogging advice, blog collaborations etc., and can help you pitch them too.

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Drop a comment if you have an idea for the readers or just write to me in the comments below, and we will connect.


  1. Great article Vikas ! Could you also throw some light on how to correctly approach your existing clients to pitch for extra services (Upselling)? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Thanks for asking Tanuj 🙂 I think if you have already broken the ice with the first sales pitch it is easy to ask for further products/service to buy. First you should believe in your product/service.

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