reality of 500 and 1000 note ban

Reality of BIG BANNED THEORY – 500 and 1000 notes ban

I think it is not an exaggeration if I will call the decision made by PM Modi is BIG BANG THEORY

Though I have my own BIG BANNED THEORY 🙂

Now I know we all have freedom of speech and that’s why the implementation is becoming a little tough.

So let me put the light on the whole situation of 500 and 1000 notes ban and see what comes out. These are my opinions based on facts.

We have two sets of people:

1) The one who wanted this change
2) The one who was not expecting this change

Let’s see what has changed in the last couple of days.

The one who wanted this change:

The big crowd who wanted this change. These are the people who are innocent and do not have a pile of money in the house.

I will share a true story and that’s the story of most of the people standing in the queue for exchanging 500 and 1000 notes.

I am a service class and use to carry only 400-500 in cash rest I use to spend by plastic money.

That day when news circulated I had 500 in cash. And it didn’t make much difference to me. Though for a couple of days, I was spending cash carefully.

One thing is sure that the smaller denomination became more valuable. There was a point even 100 and 500 notes became small.

Real problem faced by common man:

1) ATM’s are not working properly at many places
2) Genuine people are waiting in the queue
3) Unnecessary people are creating chaos
4) Dealing in cash is restricted
5) Businesses depended on cash slowed down
6) Private hospitals are not accepting cash
7) Marriages are the biggest problem because we all deal in cash

Above mentioned are all genuine problem but if we will stop listening to the politicians and media we will find the solution easily.


1) Be patient and use the cash properly. Ask for the help from friends who has surplus cash. Because this problem is not forever.

2) Help the people in the queue to understand the situation and don’t create chaos by listening to the news channels.

3) Dealing in cash should be restricted because that’s the biggest reason of black money. So the people advocating should understand.

4) Business depended on cash, must deposit the cash in the bank and withdraw at the same time. Definitely, this is a problem for a couple of days.

5) If someone can afford treatment in private hospital they must have a credit card and debit cards. Still, there are some people who don’t have cc/dc can take help from friends or relatives. Right, time to find true friends.

6) I think this is a way to handle chaos instead running here and there.

7) Marriages: Politicians are making this as their trump card but I have different point of view.

I really feel for the people who are marrying this month. But as politicians are saying that they withdrew all the money for preparation and now they cannot make the payment to caterers, pandal Wala etc.

My question is, if the marriage is in next few days did they not give the booking amount before a month or two. Maybe they can ask for some extension for the final payment considering the situation.

As far as the cash gifts are concerned we can avoid this time. Because terrorism, black money, drug mafia etc are the bigger issues than making a relative happy by giving 500 or 1000 note as a gift.

The one who was not expecting this change:

Definitely, all the people holding black money is falling under this category.

All the so called Desh Bhakt who woke up after 2 days. I have sympathy for them because that was a real shock.

Initially, everyone was praising but slowly they started finding loopholes. As if they implemented something like this before without any loophole.

See what is coming out from some BIG MOUTH politicians:

People against the black money 500 and 1000 ban
People against the black money 500 and 1000 ban

1) Modi Ji didn’t think about the common man: I would like to ask all the people who have the same question – Do you have any better idea? Considering this is a secret implementation.

All the big scale implementation will have some sort of discomfort. But slowly govt is taking steps.

For example: who was knowing that people will start abusing this cash withdraw system. Now, when this became an issue govt asked you to visit petrol pump to withdraw cash.

Someone commented on social media that “We are sleeping comfortably because our soldiers are not” That’s a real discomfort.

We are just doing what we used to do. Few people are always genuine and I respect them. But most of them are already a part of JIO sim queue, H&M store discount queue, Bhai Jaan film ticket queue etc. So why not SAVE COUNTRY queue.

Please respect this discomfort of people and don’t make it a political game.

When people are saying that long queue is because of common people: I object – I was standing in a tea shop and a guy said, I send my 4 guys every morning to stand in the queue. They take out 100 INR notes and he exchanges them with 500, 1000 and 2000 notes. Definitely for some commission. Next day same story again.

That’s why common people are suffering not because of the decision. Still, govt is looking into this. The project is so big can’t make everyone happy.

A political party asked PM Modi to roll back the decision for atleast a week. I am not sure why do they need a week.

Suddenly all the political party started to think about common man’s discomfort. But who will make them understand that if terrorism, drug mafia, black money will not stop anyways common man will suffer. Even the generations of common man will suffer.

So for the sake of country please be unite. If you want to suggest any better idea please come up with that.

No doubt this is a historic decision and only we can make this success.


  1. Another awesome post from you. And I really appreciate that you have written this article considering both the set of people with the SOLUTIONS.
    This article was much needed for all of us.

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