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Pizza Hut Review: An evening of delicacies and priceless moments

It was Saturday evening. I waited for my fiancé to pick me up. There he came in his white wheelers and I hopped on.

I handed over a bouquet of roses (talk about romance and I felt like lady Shahrukh Khan, the only thing missing was the transparent net shirts he wears..haha). Anyways, now came the tricky part. Where to go to? It was 6 pm in the evening so we couldn’t go for dinner so early. However, we could definitely, hang out and spend some time.

First, we narrowed down on all the options we had. Let’s take a look:

Cafe Out of Box, Leisure Valley, Gurugram
Bikaner, Leisure Valley, Gurugram
Food Court, MGF Mall, Gurugram
Pizza Hut, Dwarka, New Delhi
Drools, Dwarka, New Delhi

Out of these options, the only places which appeared sophisticated and worth was Pizza Hut and Drools in Dwarka (you also have to consider the odd timing we decided to the party).

Budget: Yes we had a budget too. You see we are quite high on saving (or atleast my fiancé is!) We had decided to spend close to 800-1000 INR on an evening meal. Keeping above objectives in mind, Pizza Hut, Dwarka was finally selected.

This is how we started the evening:

When we entered, the signature aroma of Pizza Hut hit our nostrils. Well, I guess I had made the right choice. Kids playing in their own customized section and creating a hullaballoo of noises caught our attention. But you know the thing with kids, you still simply love them till you have one of yours. So, we were cosily tucked in (except for a rather ineffective AC), we liked our seating and view. The good thing about Pizza Hut is its service which was about to discover pretty soon.

we are the best
we are the best

The twist in the tale:

Fairly aware of our budget constraints, we started scanning all the combos as these were lowly priced. Too bad we didn’t arrive at lunch and missed their lunch meal combo which even had veg. pizzas starting at INR 55 and INR 59. We then ordered a Mojito Blast, Lime Soda, Garlic Bread and Chicken Wings. Sadly, they had no chicken wings at that time. That was a surprise for such a huge brand. We had just started to crib when we finally zeroed on the option for a ‘meal for two’.

Meanwhile, this happened in Pizza Hut’s kitchen: 1 Mojito Blast, 1 Lime Soda, and Garlic Bread. Jaldiiii !!!

Meanwhile, this happened with us: We had started clicking pics for memories and totally forgot to cancel half of our order.

We decided to order a meal for two completely unaware that our meal was already cooking and simmering (rather baking).

Meal for two: Veg overloaded pizza (Any)+2 pepsi+Garlic Bread (Any)

pizza hut review 2016
pizza hut review 2016

The moment we were ready for ordering, there comes our initial order. Now you might have witnessed that moment once in life when you try to pin your mistake on the pizza guy hoping they would give you a free one or atleast some discount. My face started to show it. I was hungry and the food looked yum but we were in the dilemma: Should we send it back? If we do, do we have to pay for it? Are they offering us free food when they said: “no problem sir, we will take care of it”? Do we still order further?

So they had played smart keeping in mind we go happy. They kept our initial order and just added the pizza.

What we gained: 2 boring Pepsi traded in for Lime Soda and Mojito Blast. The Mojito was so refreshing, that my He partner sipped in more than a few sips. Sigh! Guys, sigh again!

What they gained: 2 happy customers and just a few bucks of loss, which going by the huge chain they are, would seldom affect them.

What we gained: A beautiful evening filled with love and laughter. Lots of sharing and gossips. Pics and a good memory.

What they gained: 2 happy customers who will later write Pizza Hut review while they go unawares serving their next pizza with aplomb and care.

Who would I recommend Pizza Hut to:

This place is good for couples, families, office parties etc. Technically for anybody who is willing to spend between 500-1000 INR (For a couple) on minimum. It is also ideal for you if you are eager to try their combos or lunches (as they are minimally priced).

What I liked most:

I loved their customer care and ambiance. There is something about that pizza aroma which makes you come back for more every time.

How much would I rate it / Pizza Hut Review:

4.25/5.0 Well guys next time if you wanna get the full score, please fix that AC.

Our spend: INR 579 (Approx.)… Money and moment well spent.

Please share if you had a moment somewhere 🙂 I would love to hear.


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