Optimizing images with WP Smush WordPress Plugins

Optimizing images with WP Smush WordPress Plugins vs EWWW image optimizer

WP Smush VS EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins

Whenever we think about any blog or website, the major challenge is image optimization. If you want to create a creative blog or website, you must need high-resolution images of heavy size. This will directly impact the load time of the website and indirectly user experience. WP-Smush is a very useful plugin and gives the flexibility to smush the unlimited images in the free version.

Faster websites are always liked by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. ) because it improves the load time and user experience. This works well with the slow internet connection as well (For Indian users). I used to have a very slow internet connection for a long time. ๐Ÿ™‚

This powerful plugin is developed by WPMU DEV!

“Images are one of the best ways to describe the content but oversize images can ruin the USER experience”

I am recommending because I started using this plugin for my own website and happy with the performance.

It reduces the size of the image without degrading the image quality. You can smush upto 50 images at a time with the free version.

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Normally WP Smush takes the time to reduce the image size and believe me, it’s not very exciting to see the idle screen. ๐Ÿ™‚ But this plugin has a nice feature. For example, if you are smushing 40 images and while working on other things only 20 images are smushed, you can close the window. Next time when you launch the plugin it will start from the 21st image.

Download WP Smush WordPress Plugin

WP-Smush Pro version:

Pro version has some nice additional features. If you are running photography/Travel blog, it requires a lot of high-resolution images to showcase. Please go for Pro version as it can smush the images upto 32 MB (This is huge). Rest all using under 1 MB image can use the free version.

Pro version users will get very efficient 24x7x365 support. Customer support is friendly.

You can smush all the images in one click. This will save a lot of time.


07-Mar-2016: EWWW Image Optimizer

Alternatively you can also go for EWWW image optimizer

I would say in terms of image compression result they are not very different from WP Smush but very responsive on support page

Now let me explain the small functional difference between WP Smush and EWWW image optimizer.

WP Smush takes the image from your website and sends it to yahoo’s server to get compress and then return back to your website. Definitely, the process is time taking and slow.

However, EWWW image optimizer does compression locally on their own server.

See if this really matters to you. ๐Ÿ™‚


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