unknown road google maps

No more unknown roads on Google map.

Now this is something good you should know about Google maps.

When we visit small places, we often come across places marked as unknown road on Google maps.

Google recently launched a service through which you can name an unknown road on maps.

You can give name to the unknown road on Google maps by simply dropping a Pin.

Google will then verify the name you have given and if everything is fine it will be on Google maps within 7 days.

Add a missing place in google maps

This way when someone will visit that place next time they wont see the unknown road.

This will help Google to provide more accurate result when you travel to remote places.


This change will bring a lot of benefit for small businesses based at such locations.

Google my business will start returning more positive searches for such location based businesses.

Small businesses will end up getting more views and eventually enquiries.

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