Making fortune or just living online

Making fortune or just living?

[bctt tweet=”“If you work hard on your job you can make a living. If you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune” –Jim Rohn”]

When I came across this nice quote it totally changed the way I was thinking about making money. When we are at the 8-5 job, actually making the fortune for someone else. Very common but true. Start working on yourself.

How to start working on yourself?

I am not asking to leave the job and start something immediately but plan it. Start an online business. Start investing a small time in learning something you are good at. When I started I followed couple of advice, you can find here How to make money online?

Start planning your day. Don’t get stuck in small things and entertainment for so long. If you want to make the fortune you should adopt some sort of sales business. I have learnt this over the time, all the multi-millionaire is in some sort of sales business. Until you start buying the product at lower cost and start selling it at the higher cost you can’t make the fortune. You will be limited to earn wages.

Think long term not short term:

When you start a business do not expect profit from the day first. Start investing. When I was in high school I used to write notes for my classmates and earning a handsome amount of money for my lunch and something for my new student bank account. I was writing a one-page article for INR 10 back then in 2002, and that’s too hand written. I didn’t realise but it was a form of sales.

So unknowingly I have started my business in 2002. Now it’s been 14 years I am in business. I have invested time. Think long term, not short term and that will decide whether you will make the fortune or just living.

Keep multiple source of income:

When you are starting a business do not get stuck with one idea, start exploring more. For example, when I started to blog, I have started exploring about online ads, guest post, paid reviews, digital photography etc. Your line of businesses should interconnect. The more line of business you will have the chances are you will get more profit and if one of the business doesn’t work that won’t impact your overall income.

If this is what you like, you may read How to become a blogger?

Take calculative risks:

Taking risk is very important to start earning the massive amount of money. Rich people take calculative risks. Calculative means know the consequences before taking actions. Some people think taking the risk means to throw yourself in pitch black hole, NO. Do the research about what you are going to do. Talk to the people who have already done it and after certain direction starts working. Making fortune or just living is totally depending on the size of risk.

Learning is recurring process:

You can be master of a skill but that, not the end. Do you think rich people invest a lot of time reading the books? I agree, they do. They explore new ideas every day and learn from others experience. Books are the source of knowledge. It would have taken years for someone to develop that idea and jotted down in a book but you can learn in 30 minutes. All that you need to do is practice. If you really want to make the fortune, start reading.

Rich people are the good speaker too. They don’t get nervous while giving advice because they know what they are talking about. Who are good communicators?

Be generous:

You must have heard rich people are always associated with some non-profit business or they GIVE on numerous occasions. I take it another way. If you GIVE with the generous heart, you are on the way to your riches. Let me tell you an incident. 2 Years back I went to a Dhaba (restaurant) I have ordered food and my bill was around INR 120. When the waiter came with INR 120, I gave INR 150 and said, keep the change. He was surprised because first of all In India it’s not common to give the tip to a Dhaba boy and that’s too ¼ of the bill. I just tried this. He said ‘God bless you’. I felt amazing. Then I have started to give on numerous occasions and the best part is I am still financially better than I was before. 🙂

So making the fortune or just living is your choice. Feel free to share your feedback or any related experience

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