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There are many book lovers out there who pay huge bucks to cater to the bookworm in them. Being a bookworm myself, I can totally understand your plight. There are times when I just lock myself in a room with the choicest of books and some food. That’s the ideal day for me. You can find me effortlessly submerged in the stories and not even looking up to answer my phone. That’s the kind of bibliophile I am.

So when I came across this latest book reading app – Juggernaut, my excitement knew no bounds. I quickly installed it and started the browsing activity immediately. This is what I found.

What is Juggernaut App about?

Juggernaut app is an app which stores an amazing collection of e-books at affordable prices. They even have a large number of free books which is actually a great feature.

The sign-up process

I use an Android phone and Juggernaut app is available for free in the Google playstore. I checked in IOS App Store and you can download it from there as well. The first step is the sign-up process. Register yourself with your email address and boom- the world of books just opens up.


Get the reading started

The next page which opens up takes you to the collection of books. There are four tabs here: Discover, Read, Write and Me. Discover tab contains cool features like books Recommended for you, New Releases, Excerpts, Top of the charts, Free books, Short Reads and Authors of the week. When I had initially signed up they had asked me to choose the genre I would be most interested in. I chose health and lifestyle. Depending on my choice, the Recommended For You section, takes the top books and lists them out for me. The other sections are pretty self-explanatory by their titles itself.

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Free books

As I love freebies, I quickly hopped on to this section. This section boasts about some timeless classics like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, The Sign of the Four by Charles Dickens amongst others. Once you click on the book you want to read, the app gives you an option Add To Shelf and your book gets stored in the Read tab. You can also download it for the offline reading option.


What I loved the most about Juggernaut

They contain a lot of books on pretty high discounts. I came across books with as less cost as INR 10 That’s a huge plus. Also Juggernaut has this preview feature beneath each book, where you can read a few chapters initially and then decide if you would like to continue with the purchase.

Juggernaut focuses on Indian authors and their writing pieces which is a huge relief from other e-commerce book reading websites and apps as they focus more on foreign authors. Due to this ingenious feature, the readers are exposed to a number of beautiful Indian writing pieces bringing out the legacy and heritage of India. Never before had I seen so many Indian authors under one roof.

Purchasing the books

Unlike other apps and websites, Juggernaut’s payment option is pretty simple. They let you pay through PayTm wallet or easily by Debit/Credit Card options. It’s so hassle free that I was tempted to buy multiple copies.

You can write too

Now this was a surprise. Juggernaut has a writing section too where writers can write in their copies and publish it on app from there itself. However, this isn’t active yet. But this won’t stop you from writing as they are still calling on you to send them first two chapters of your book alongwith a synopsis.

Best writing tips

What could be improved

One of the drawbacks of Juggernaut is that they do not include some of the latest bestsellers like Fifty Shades of Grey. I searched this book and was shocked to see that it was missing from their collection. However, I think this must be due to their sole vision of focussing on Indian pieces. Although I am yet to contact them soon regarding it.

My final word would be that lookout for this app. It’s going to give Kindle some competition. I even started reading my first book Zindagi Live which is a free one ofcourse. Get started on it and let us know what you think.

Rating: 4.8/5 I just couldn’t think of a reason to cut any pointers. Try the app and you would agree with us too!

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