Indiblogger Meet Delhi 15th May 2016 @ The Lalit

I have been writing about different products, services, and SEO tips but today I am writing about a community of Indian bloggers.

Recently I joined a blogging platform and it was pretty normal like any other platform. I started sharing my posts and adding new people to the group and I thought its the end.

However, a huge surprise was waiting for me and I feel driven to write this blog.

I joined Indiblogger only one and half months ago and got a chance to attend Horlicks Growth+ Indiblogger meet on 15th May 2016. It was so amazing for me to see all the bloggers live because I have a lot of followers on Twitter and I don’t know if I will see them or know them in person.

Now let’s start from the time I arrived:

I was very excited and left home @10:30 AM. As per my calculation and definitely by Google map’s suggestion it was going to take 45 mins by road. I did not want to miss a single second of this meet and was ready to reach little early. But it was little more than ‘Little Early’ πŸ™‚ I reached @11:05 AM. Now it was supposed to start at 12:30 PM.

I waited for good 45 mins. in the lobby and surely clicked some pictures. I was also making sure that people from the staff were not focussed on my actions.

vikas in The Lalit's lobby next is best
vikas in The Lalit’s lobby next is best

Friendly Introductions:

The first person I met was Vineet of Indiblogger. He welcomed me warmly and we had a good chat. I really liked him and his friendly behavior. He didn’t make me realize that it’s my first time. Then he left to see the registration arrangements for the bloggers meet.

I was waiting outside and someone asked ‘Are you a blogger?’. It was a very proud moment for me. Suddenly I had got an identity of what I have been doing since 2010. Her name was Nimi and we had connected on Indiblogger just before the event day. She is a housewife and mother of two. Her blog is here

I am going to reveal a small secret. I thought someone must have created a fake profile under Bushra’s name. She is another fellow blogger. Every time I was trying to connect, I thought I will do it next time when I will become more confident that she is a real person. That very morning I don’t know what crossed my mind, I sent a connection request. She accepted and the second person I met was Bushra. A nice mother of a 14 year old son. And they are known as ‘Ghummakad maa beta’ in Noida. Highly recommended if you are planning to visit Noida. Must read her blog Noida Dairy

Then I met a lot of new and charming people: Lalit in ‘The Lalit’ πŸ™‚ writes a personal blog, Tripta who writes what comes first in the mind. I am just forgetting the guy’s name who used to drink a lot of milk, if someone remembers then please let me know the name.

vikas lalit xman tripta next is best
vikas lalit xman tripta next is best

What happened after registration?:

We all moved into the dining hall where l found a lot of delicious food. My mouth was watering and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I don’t know if you would have gotten a chance to meet the Chef and say ‘Thank You’ for the food, but you can do it here in comment section.

Vikas with Chef - The Lalit -next is best
Vikas with Chef – The Lalit -next is best
lunch at indiblogger meet next is best
lunch at indiblogger meet next is best

Here I joined Mr. Jaideep Khanduja, Sakshi Nanda, Bushra and Ruchi Singh Rao

We clicked some nice pictures but one of them was a tricky one. Please leave a comment if you got it.

a secret hidden in this picture next is best
a secret hidden in this picture next is best

Now it’s Horlicks time:

We all entered the conference hall. It was nicely decorated and lighted. All of us started taking best selfies. I was not sure if Indiblogger was going to give any gift for that πŸ™‚

Here are some of them:

indiblogger's selfie time next is best
indiblogger’s selfie time next is best

Activity time:

The event started with a small introduction of a couple of bloggers. First, one was Neha. I am not sure about her blog but if she will leave a comment then I will mention it here for you all to read.

Luckily I became the second one. After a little introduction of what I do, I mentioned an epic statement in history πŸ™‚

[bctt tweet=”@Indiblogger is better than Facebook because most people are not fake here. I can see them”]

I have a detailed argument of what I said but we had a time constraint. If I will get a chance I will explain.

Then Sakshi Nanda got a rose and she is planning to make a cheeky story for her husband. Sorry, I exposed your plan πŸ™‚

Chichi got an apple because she is an apple lover :p

I kept wondering if they were talking about Apple – the fruit or Apple – the product. If it would have been latter, then it would have costed Indiblogger a bit more.

I can go on and on but I will keep my story short and crisp. If you all are interested leave a comment and I will add more to it.

Eminent Panelists:

We have got Natasha Badhwar, Dr. Jyoti Arora, Dr. Rajiv Chhabra and Dr. Satvinder Kaur Walia on the stage.

eminent panelist at indiblogger meet next is best
eminent panelist at Indiblogger meet next is best

They answered all the questions and commented on the necessary topics. I am not surely going to discuss the whole part but if anyone wants detail I can provide.

I like a nice comment by someone πŸ™‚

“Bengalis are not obese. Because they eat a lot of #protein and it doesn’t get stored in the body added by Dr. Chhabra”

Product Launch:

We have got Mr. Amaan Khan, Marketing Lead for Horlicks for the Indian Sub-Continent at GSK Consumer Healthcare.

He explained the difference between ‘functional nutrients’ and ‘growth nutrients’

“#CatchUpOnGrowth Horlicks @Growth_Plus will help to get the lost confidence and lost growth during childhood”

Dr. Aditya Kaushik heads Medical Affairs for Indian Subcontinent at GSK Consumer Healthcare recommended consulting a pediatrician before using any supplements. If a child is eating well and growth is normal then the supplement is not required.

During the session, we got a cup of Horlicks and the chocolate flavor was amazing.

vikas with chocolate horlicks next is best
Chocolate Horlicks next is best

Finally, we got a break for 15 mins to stretch the legs and relax. Snack preparations were waiting for us. Tasty coffee along with some nice cookies.

Final shot:

We all gathered again in the conference room. There was an activity awaiting us. We had to form a team of ten and then shoot a video about Horlicks.

We got a nice couple in our group. Mr. Arvind Passey and Mrs. Sangeeta Passey. They were very active and enthusiastic. Mr. Arvind was our Captain. He uploaded the video on YouTube. You can read more on his blog passeydotinfo

Thank you, Arvind Kumar and Agnibanya for support. If I am missing anyone please leave a comment.

We clicked some more pictures and returned home with a nice goodie bag. I got a Horlicks (Vanilla Flavor) Yummm!!!

group picture at indiblogger meet
group picture at Indiblogger meet

I would love to see your comments here and don’t hesitate to mention If I missed something πŸ™‚


  1. I am so glad for this meet for connecting me with awesome people behind the blogs I read and also for an amazing experience. So nice to recollect all those happy memories through this post, Vikas. Btw…The milk boy is Mrigank πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Vikas, It’s so nice to see you finally doing what you always loved. Congratulations for not just dreaming but daring to make that dream possible.

    Best wishes for a successful future πŸ™‚

  3. It’s always such a pleasure to meet blogging buddies… esp when you now have a face behind the name it becomes more fun to interact! Glad you enjoyed the IB meet…
    You presented it really well and the pictures tell us how much fun you had with everyone πŸ™‚ Cheers!

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