How important, in your opinion, is it for children to catch up on lost growth

Being a blogger, I always try to be fit and healthy. Fitness is on my schedule because I know that my work, lifestyle, job, family are dependent on my health levels.

Here are some questions 🙂

Why do I think I need to write on this topic?
Am I a fitness freak and going to teach how to become Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Do I care about undernourished kids?
Do you care about undernourished kids?
Do I have a solution to help them?

Let me first tell you why I am writing this post. It’s not just a blog post. This is the way I can spread awareness so it is close to my heart.

“My #pen is not just ‘#Word Throwing’ #machine.”

I can spend the same amount of time to write another article on ‘blogging tips’ or ‘content marketing’, but I am writing this post because I sincerely believe it is important to shed some light on this topic.

I am a bachelor right now but very soon I will be marrying and in some time I will become a father.

Do you not think parents are getting busier in their life? It’s very common that you will find working couples around. As they are busy in their schedule, children are becoming picky eaters.

If you will not take care of their diet they will not catch up on growth. Some kids like fast food (Burger, Pizza, Pasta etc. ) but none of it is healthy. So the question is how to make it nutritious?

You can make the burger with extra veggies or you can add healthy components in pasta. A little effort can make even Indian food healthier.

Common perception: Indian food is full of spices but nowadays a lot many ways to even cook healthier ‘Parantha’.

[bctt tweet=”If #pasta can really not be #healthy I would say #Italians would not have a #fit #body. But they do.”]

So ensure your kid is eating healthy food. But sometimes, because of very tight schedule it’s not manageable to keep eyes on all the diet your loved ones are taking.

You must have a lot of questions crossing your mind now. I came across a product recently and thought it’s worth sharing as that was coming from a well known brand ‘Horlicks’. Also, it can be helpful for the parents looking for a right supplement.

This brand definitely brought a smile on my face because I used drink since my childhood. 🙂 This new product launched by ‘Horlicks’ is especially for those kids who is struggling to catch up on growth.

Here are some common questions asked by parents:

At what age should my child consume Horlicks Growth+?
Is Horlicks Growth+ gluten free or lactose free?
Is Horlicks Growth+ suitable for vegetarians?
Can I add Horlicks Growth+ to water, milk, juices or soups?
When is the best time to give Horlicks Growth+?

It’s very important for you to know what all are the nutritious ingredients for your kids.

I realized that the kids who are undernourished, are more likely to be bullied and that directly impacts their physical and mental growth. They will loose their confidence much quicker and may not get what they want from the life.

It’s a serious problem. Horlicks is trying to solve it by launching this product, but my generous request is to give your kids a healthy environment too. Give them proper food. This will help your kids to catch up on lost growth.

You can also use calculator given below to find out if they are growing well.

Growth Plus Calculator

Horlicks is a supplement which means you only need to give when your kid is not having a proper diet.

Note: This is my personal experience with the product. Always consult the doctor before giving the supplement.

Please share your valuable feedback and comment. This may help someone.

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