Importance of Tumblr and how do you download and save all your Tumblr content?

Since we all know that ‘Content Is King’ it’s important that you can access your content anytime and you can carry it anywhere.

Most of the social sites provide the option to download and save your content offline.

Tumblr is one of the best social networking sites for publishing visual content.

If you are producing image content, video content, write-ups Tumblr is for you.

Even Tumblr provides an option to share the direct links of your website or blog.

Best usage of Tumblr:

Let me explain the importance of using Tumblr.

Tumblr has its own significance.

I work as a Digital Marketing Consultant and recommend using Tumblr for spreading the content within close groups and be noticed pretty fast since this is not as popular as Facebook and Twitter.

Finding a close group or friend:

Whenever we start using a social site it has usually been introduced by someone we know.

I hope a few more will join Tumblr after reading this post. Please let me know in the comment section if you have joined Tumblr after reading this post 🙂

You can follow anyone who hasn’t blocked you so very soon you can have a good network and others will also reciprocate.

Fast content consumption on Tumblr:

Since the feed is not so long and you won’t find many sponsored post it’s easy to browse the relevant content.

Mostly you will find the visual content and links.



Using Tumblr as a portfolio:

You can use Tumblr as a portfolio for your digital work.

I work closely with Photographers and videographers mostly across UK (United Kingdom) and AUS (Australia). I recommend using Tumblr for storing digital content.

Photographers and videographers should avoid using their website for storing all the content. It will slow down their website and that will also impact their search engine optimization.

Blogging as a hobby:

Most of the people start blogging as a hobby.

This is free to use platform which gives all the essential feature to start a blog.

Download and save all your Tumblr content:

On the right top corner, you will find the profile icon.

Click on the settings from the dropdown.

Now, you will find the blog at the bottom of the right panel.


You will now reach the blog setting page.



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