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You must have heard about the importance of reading books more than a thousand times before and might even be bugged by it. Today I will show you an entirely different perspective.

I still remember how I started reading books. I heard since my childhood that reading is a good habit and it shows your intellectual level in the crowd. So when I started, I simply wanted to look intelligent :). Pretty unique reason right? I know.

Many have already written about the pros of inculcating a good reading habit and you can find a dozen of books on this, which again you probably won’t read if reading is not a habit! The real question here is: So why did I write this article?

The sense of responsibility:

I wrote it because I sincerely believe that I have the responsibility to share what I have learned from my experience.

If I am getting something from the society I believe in giving back to the society. It’s nothing new. People who are successful have been doing the same since ages.

I don’t see any importance in reading but not sharing with others.

I was listening to Tai Lopez and he showed a new perspective of the importance of reading books. I will try to explain here.

He asked few questions:

What if you would have started a 50% partnership business with Bill Gates?
What if you would have started Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg?
What if you are in partnership with Elon Musk?
What if you were assistant to Albert Einstein?
What if Arnold Schwarzenegger is your personal trainer?

The answer to all the above questions: You need a mentor who is best in his class.

To be honest I cannot find each one of them to be my personal mentor. So I will start reading the book they wrote.

You should always keep some important books to read in life and follow the footprints.

I am telling something from my experience. I read a book called The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class

There were lots of things to learn but one thing impacted me the most.

“Middle-class thing short term and Millionnaire think long term”

Sounds very common? We use to hear this statement in various forms but we really don’t practice it.

I tried very hard for a couple of years to get long-term mentality in my habit.

I trade in stock market part-time. Now you can understand the nature of the job. It’s quite volatile and it requires a lot of patience but who doesn’t like the quick money.

But over the period of time I realized, when I use to invest money for more than a year I used to get the better return than struggling every day and wasting a long of time in trading.

Now any plan I make or any investment I start I see minimum 5-10 years horizon.

So you can see without even meeting ‘Keith Cameron Smith’ how he taught the long-term thinking.

After this started investing more time in the reading books. I can not deny the importance of reading books.

I personally believe you always need a mentor to be successful. Now again, here is a question.

How to find the best mentor?

I have Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Paulo Coehlo, Elon Musk etc. as my mentor. Surprising, right? Don’t get surprised, I read them every day. Start reading books.

“Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently – Shiv Khera”

If you will visit a millionaire’s house you will definitely find a library and it’s not a coincidence.

They invest their time in reading books and they value it. I guess reading good books may also have been a strong reason for why they are so successful.

So as per your interest pick a book-mentor and start reading books on a regular basis.

The best part is when you read for the first time, you will find it interesting because you read it out of curiosity but when you will read again, you will find it more informative. Now you are ready to try your best mentor. 🙂

Now here is a secret. When you read for the third time you will start getting new thoughts and ideas in your mind. Must try.

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How to develop reading habit?

I will share a personal experience to fuel your motivation. Back in 2000, comic series (Superman, Nagraj, Chacha Chaudhary, Captain America etc.) was the only popular book around me and buying a copy was not possible because my pocket money was 1 INR a day and the comic book was 8 INR.

So I found a convenience store who was lending a book for 50 Paise. After reading I had to return within a day, so I used to read 2 books in a day. Very soon I covered all the books from that store.

Now I thought I should get into some serious reading and I jumped into CHEAP magazines (Manorama, Grihshobha, Saras Salil etc.) because that’s what older people used to buy from that store 🙂

Point to be noted here: I had a passion and somehow I got to know the importance of reading books on the daily basis.

One day I saw ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera and this is the first book I wanted to buy and not rent because I wanted to add it in my collection permanently.

I saved my pocket money and bought it. I have read this book over and over again because I had no option to buy a new book. That’s the point when I discovered:

“If you will read the same book over and over you will find the hidden treasure”

Friends and family got to know about my interest and gifted some more interesting books which helped me to grow and learn.

Finally, I became a mature reader and moved on to bestsellers Think and grow rich, The Outliers, The Emotional Intelligence, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret and many more.

The point I want to make: You should make reading a habit and do it on a regular basis regardless of any hindrance. Be consistent.

Ayodeji, an active blogger also agrees with the same. He listed some interesting books to read.

No matter what you read-if you have a habit of reading, you will find your interest just like me. I started from cheap books and now I am reading the top ones and writing this blog. Hopefully, am doing a good job here (Haha!)

How to become a blogger

Where can you find interesting books?

In order to get the treasure, you have to dig deep and sometimes dig in dirt itself. Definitely, this will cost you something. You need to buy books.

I can help if you want to read: I am giving away some of my old collection for free

One thing I have realized over a period of time is that free advice is always dangerous. When someone gives you free advice they say what they think (most are just mind conjured ideas of things that “CAN BE”, but don’t usually have an experience. However, books are years of analyzed information and approved knowledge compiled for your benefit.

Be generous to pay for books even you learned one good thing

Here are some places you can buy books online.

eBay @ Half Price

I have used Amazon, eBay and Infibeam and they are all good. You can checkout more options on Google for cheap books online.

Also, please watch this TED video published on youtube.

If this blog inspired you to read please leave a comment and share your experience. Feel free to ask any question.


  1. To be frank I am a worst reader of books and I love to watch and learn things through YouTube or other training videos and all. But when I started blogging a year back, now a days I am taking reading as a serious thing in my daily routine and I am slowly connecting to it positively. Thanks for sharing this article, Vikas and it has some valid points on the importance of reading books.

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