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How to use Social Bookmarking sites to boost traffic?

Most of you must be thinking that why are we reading the benefits of bookmarking sites. This sound quite generic term amongst the social media marketer, content marketer etc. and we donโ€™t even take seriously.

But I encountered with some very interesting data from my analytics and that was an eye-opener for me. I will show the data.

I donโ€™t want to waste your time. If you are already getting good traffic from other sources but have the same question as I do, then I think you should read further.

What are Bookmarking sites?
Why do I need to do Bookmarking?
Will I get good results if I invest time in the Bookmarking my website?
How can I find best social bookmarking sites?
Do I need to spend money or Bookmarking is free?

What are Bookmarking sites?

Bookmarking is a technique of dropping your post URL on high PR sites so others can view and share. It helps you in increasing your traffic because most the high PR bookmarking website gives no-follow link so ranking is not the primary motive.

Why do I need to do Bookmarking?

Let me be honest here. I was pretty ignorant towards the bookmarking technique and I was also under the impression that its waste of time. Because I hardly get time for writing blog posts and then promoting on Facebook and Twitter.

I was just trying to find some best ways to increase website pageviews and found that bookmarking can be a good way to increase traffic. So I started bookmarking and waiting for the analytics to update.

How much time do I spend in Bookmarking?

For every post I write, I try to share it on all the major bookmarking sites. After my account was created on all of them , I take a maximum of 30-40 minutes to bookmark. A low investment but you get high returns.

What result did I get when I started bookmarking?

If I am writing this post and investing a lot of time on bookmarking definitely the result would have popped out my eyes.

I was spending a lot of time on Facebook and twitter but when I checked analytics they were not the major traffic sender.

See the screenshot below for a very short span and if you like the data please share with your fellow bloggers.

social media traffic report nextisbest
social media traffic report nextisbest

How can I find best social bookmarking sites?

So let me tell you about the websites I used for bookmarking. Below is the list of best ones.

Scoop it

I will share some examples here.




StumbleUpon is one of the very high PR sites we have around. It attracts millions of followers and that is why I am using it too.

On creating an account on it, you will come across the “Add content” option here present on left-hand corner of page. Once you click on this, it gives you the option of adding your page URL and description.

One of the good parts here is that you can actually insert all the keywords or tags in the description.

Tip: Use StumbleUpon not just to submit your content but because this platform is so interactive, you can share other’s content thus engaging in real community building. gives you the option of publishing your post on its platform alongwith sharing it on other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Once you click on “Scoop It” on left-hand corner of the page, it gives you the option of pasting in the URL.

Don’t be fooled by a pop up which asks you to upgrade and still continue with the posting. It gives options like adding a description and adding tags. URLโ€™s may also help you to rank in Google. So highly recommended.


Once you register on Pearltrees, you get the option to add your content. Once you click there, it gives you the option of adding your webpage and you can place your URL. Voila! And it’s done.

I am currently using the basic version and I think it’s good for bloggers. However, they also have paid versions. Not recommended, though ๐Ÿ™‚


Diigo is easy to work with because of it’s simple UI. Once you click on the small blue button saying ADD, you will get the option to add pdf, images, bookmark etc. Choose the bookmark option, insert your URL and add the tags separated by a comma.


Bagtheweb bookmarking site is quite easy to use once you know how it works! Bags are basically categories where you can list your articles based on interests. So for example, I can create a bag for โ€˜Social Mediaโ€™ and share all content related to social media there.

It makes easy to view and share with other people too.

Choose the option of creating a bag first with a vertical of your choice. Then go to Add a Link and insert the URLs you want here. You can also share content or URLs from others in your bag as it just keeps all the similar niches content together.

Do I need to spend money or Bookmarking is free?

Last but not the least, bookmarking site are free to use. Though there are a couple of them have the paid version. Being a blogger you can use the free version and itโ€™s sufficient. If you want more exposure definitely you can choose paid option.
I will recommend using paid version of if possible.


Bookmarking is good for bringing traffic if used wisely. Choose 3-4 best bookmarking sites as listed above and start working. Then compare the traffic using analytics and see the difference.

Feel free to ask if you have any question. I will be more than happy to answer.



  1. That’s really helpful
    while i was thinking to buy the scoopit paid membership, you posted an article about it. It encourages me to go for it.. But i tried with reddit, don’t think they are approving links from my site and i would be getting any traffic. do you have any special trick for that.
    Everytime I bookmark on reddit, my post gets deleted.
    What would you say”?

    1. Hello Vashishtha, thanks for writing and this may be the question for many bloggers.

      Reddit is very strict about the spamming. If they will catch you once or twice they will ban you forever. The weird part is you won’t realise because still, you can use the account normally,

      So be careful and real while posting any link. Hope this will help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great post! Very well explain all the bookmarking sites. Could you
    assist me regarding the pinterest. how can I increase traffic through

      1. Hello Suraj,

        Pinterest is one of the most popular images sharing platform and people explain different ways to promote the content there. I would say create more relevant boards and be consistent.


  3. Thanks Vikas for this awesome guide. This is really an amazing and very helpful guide. I am going to explore them to build links for my new website.

  4. Thank you Vikas Singh,
    Woo Very Excellent list of social Article share. Really Awesome and interesting helpful tips and benefit my website search engine rank .

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