How to optimize videos for SEO

I came across this question way back in 2010. I was a new blogger and doing all possible research to learn. We all focus on best content marketing but slightly ignore the fact that YouTube is second best platform after Google.

According to YouTube one-third of all the people on the internet are watching millions of hours of videos every day.

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Videos are very effective in delivering the right message within seconds. There are so many complex businesses who use animated videos for promotions. For example: If I am a company who provides app solutions to the niche like Hotel, IT, Infrastructure, Travel etc. The content will be very boring and lengthy way to represent. But 60 seconds, video can do the wonder.

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Let’s go through some tips which will help you to optimize videos for SEO.

Stop thinking from SPIDER’S point of view

Little contradictory but the best way to get the good reputation on the search engine is to think from the user point of view. Images increase the visibility of post and we all know, so we optimize images for SEO but the video is the series of images so I would surely recommend optimizing videos. You should also link the YouTube video to your blog for more visibility and shares.

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Choose a relevant keyword

Best practice is to start with knowledge sharing videos. Start making videos of what you are good at. For example: If you are an SEO blogger, start making the video on SEO, social media marketing etc. You can start with a tool like Srecorder

Follow the performance

No one can give the guarantee of the result in SEO without watching the performance reports. Once you get the performance report, you can predict where the campaign is heading. Go through the YouTube analytics. Same is true for video and image optimization. You can use SMErush for more detailed information or alternatively use free Google Adwords keyword planner


Don’t promote cheap and spammy content on YouTube. This will not produce any result in long term. If you want to make a strong channel start adding value to the YouTube and the visitors coming to your channel.

02-Mar-2016: I was going through the blog and something very interesting crossed my mind. We write effective title and description for the video in order to get noticeable. But I would recommend writing the transcription of video which means, take the video content and audio and convert it into plain text.

It’s more like alt tag an image. If it’s an elephant picture, best way to optimize is to rename the picture as black-elephant-africa-jungle.jpg

This will give all the relevant information to search engines. Likewise, transcription will provide the detailed description of the video to the search engines and help the video rank.

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  1. Appreciate your article on how to make videos rank better, so I agree on the channel authority, since most youtubers think that things are not fast by just creating YouTube channel, but it takes lot of effort, patience and consistent upload that viewers enjoy our video and finally subscribe us and this is how things need to be built…

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