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How to find trending topics on Quora?

Here is the irony: You don’t find trending topics but trending topics comes to you.

If the topic is trending it will follow you everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, etc.

For example these days we hear a lot about COVID-19 or Coronavirus. This means it’s a trending topic.

You will certainly find COVID-19 news while are reading a news app or watching TV nowadays.

I use ‘Google Trend‘ for checking the trending topics.

I was surprised by one thing.

Here are some of the top queries people are searching on ‘Quora’

  • coronavirus
  • sexual stories
  • how long does cocaine stay in your urine
  • how long does meth stay in your system
  • how to increase penis size and strength
  • how to stop masterburate addiction permanently
  • I waste so much time

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    1. Haha, I was surprised at how are people utilizing this time they got. I wasn’t sure if Coronavirus has this effect too 🙂

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