How to become a blogger?

How to become a blogger?

Answer from a ‘Blogger’ πŸ™‚

Blogging is a passion, not a job, so it doesn’t require a specific skill set. Some write about social media, digital marketing, motivation, finance or any other subject.

So ideally, anyone can do blogging because we all possess some sort of skill.

In early 2010 blogging was quite a new career option and I wasn’t aware of anything. Here is a technique a followed. This will be a help for those who want to start a blog after reading this. Here is a post which will give you idea about my blogging journey

Man behind nextisbest

1) As I have mentioned blogging is not a job so find out your area of interest. Practically you cannot be a master of all. Example: If I know about digital marketing and social media, I would prefer to write about these topics because I can go into depth and share more valuable information. If I have little knowledge about all the topics like automobile, finance, politics etc. I can involve in some sort of argument with people or join a forum. If I can’t be a dedicated blogger this could be the biggest reason. Clarity of thought is mandatory.

2) Once you have finalised a topic start writing small articles. Though people are making money from blog (How to make money online?), I would recommend you to start as a volunteer blogger. Because when money involves you start thinking about monetization. But we forget the basic concept. We make money from blog once we get the good number of visitors and subscribers and in order to bring them to your blog you need genuine content and rich graphics.

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3) I can’t expect you to write 700-800 char blogs in the beginning. You should start with micro-blogging. Twitter is the best example. It’s easy because we have a habit of writing text messages on the mobile phone under 140 char.
Initially, you can start writing quotes, some homemade lines and you should read other’s tweets. That will give you more idea about what people from the same interest are sharing. The Nice trick always works. πŸ™‚

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4) Start writing a standard blog of 300-400 char after the first phase. Here I have a nice advice. Just don’t start cluttering your blog with unnecessary information. Because we used to get highly motivated of our first blog. Now when I am reading my first blog it sounds, I didn’t even know what I was talking about.

5) If I spent 2 hours to write a blog I ensure to spend 12 hours to promote it. Because a nice article can bring the unexpected number of visitors. Normally we keep on writing blogs but don’t pay attention towards the promotion. Until it’s visible publically you can’t expect visitors and then subscribers.

6) Last but not the least follow a new blogger because they are going through the same phase and you can learn a lot from them. You can learn from their mistakes because life is too short to make all the mistakes and learn. πŸ™‚

I will add more when something new will strike my mind. Please use the comment box to leave your feedback or if you have anything else to share.

Don’t forget to share and subscribe. That will give encouragement to bring more innovative topics onboard.


  1. Nice article !

    How can I start my career as a blogger? please suggest me. I am a beginner.


  2. Hello Saurabh,

    Thanks for writing. If you are beginner, saying blogging a career is little hard. I would recommend to make it hobby and start with Microblogging i.e Twitter.

    Vikas Singh

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience Vikas. Its really true interest are required to do anything, it called passion.

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