HOP Best Email App Review – Team Collaboration Software

There are many email applications which can help you to save more time and eventually money.

I came across hop email app which can be used on Android and iPhone. I really like some features and would like to share a detailed review.

Let’s share the story of the problem

If you belong to a company, whether it’s small, medium, or big, we all know the challenges that come with managing the required daily tasks.

Some of the basics are managing all the different needed communication just to run a business.

This means having to communicate with suppliers, partners, clients, and colleagues all in different ways. We must shuffle between using phone, emailing, SMS, ect.

More so, they are also expected to be responsive and must do so in a timely fashion. This is difficult, complicated, and messy, which is where Hop hopes to come in and attempt to ease the workload of these companies, by giving them a better, more efficient, and more capable communication platform.

One of the features I really like which makes Hop the best email program, arranges the email trail into simple and easy to read format.

Hop hides signatures, email headers, quoted text and makes it easy to read.


How to use Hop:

While there are so many other team collaboration software that works great and solves many problems, they all require to add additional tools or to adopt additional services.

Hop works differently, Hop doesn’t require adopting anything new and works completely alongside existing email (imap, Gsuite, o365).

best android email app for multiple accounts
best android email app for multiple accounts

What needs to be done is to download hop and to sync it with your email address, and all incoming and outgoing emails will work alongside Hop. It’s as easy as that.

Once users sync their email, they are provided with a ton of tools, features, and services within their email and allows them to do everything they need which makes hop best android email app for multiple accounts.

Some of these features include integration with cloud services (Dropbox, Drive, ect.), calendar apps, to-do lists, video/audio conferencing solutions, and many more.


As I know even Hop is the best email app, there is always a scope for improvements.

Sometimes we require a platform for our desktop. This is something that Hop lacks as it only works on mobile devices.

The bright side of this however, is that they are now working on developing a desktop version that will be available to users shortly.

Users who wish to get a beta desktop version are able to approach Hop and receive a sneak peek to what they are developing which is a huge plus for users who wish to use a unified platform for whether they are at work, on the go, or at home.

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