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I came across Grammarly before 2 months and now I am confident enough to write a review. I will recommend installing after reading.

Let’s start with some common questions:

what are the basics of grammar?
Are you confident that your writing is error-free?
What online tool should one use to proofread?
How can I write better English if I am not a native speaker?

So, these question used to cross my mind and many times I used different online English grammar checker tools. Finally, I found Grammarly the best grammar checker app for mobile and desktop.

Let me share a small story about my English mistakes:

If you belong to India or any Asian country it will always be a challenge to write error-free English. I was very excited and I used to post articles as soon as it’s finished.

One thing I came to know after using Grammarly that I was not using articles like ‘a’ and ‘the’ properly. I wrote 7 articles one after another and then checked with Grammarly and found the same mistake.

So most of the time we make mistakes not because we don’t know but because we haven’t practiced properly.

The best thing is you can use the free version of Grammarly. But in the paid version you will find more option to fix advanced grammatical mistakes.

But I think if you are a new blogger or student and not making money online then you can use the free version of Grammarly. Though Grammarly free trial will also eliminate all the obvious error.

Grammarly Paid version will cost you $29.95/month Or $19.98/month (Quarterly) Or $11.66/month (Annual)

If you have decided to fix errors and would like to become blogger please read: How to start a professional blog

A good and impressive English will build your reputation in the blogging world.

Online grammar checker tool is also helpful for authors, story writers etc.

Even if you are not an author or blogger you must be working somewhere and definitely sending emails to the clients. Grammarly is very helpful for working professionals as well.

How to use Grammarly?

1) Grammarly can easily be integrated with your Google chrome web browser It’s also available as a desktop tool. Grammarly also their Android and iPhone apps in Dec 2017.

2) Add this to your web browser and if you will write anything in your Email-box, WordPress, Facebook or any editor, it will underline the errors and you can fix it in real time.

3) One more feature I would like to highlight. When you will double-click on any word it will show the possible synonyms of the word. This will help you to choose the best word and make your English impressive.

4) Alternatively, you can download the desktop tool which will work as an online workbook. You can store your articles in one place and access it easily. See the dashboard picture below.


5) Grammar checker tool will definitely work as a set of another eye for you. I have already mentioned a lot of pros for the tool. Here are some cons you will be interested in.

6) Recently they have added a very cool Grammarly keyboard. Mostly we make mistake while using the mobile phones for writing an email to the client and texting to the boss.

This keyboard is easy to install through the Google Play store or if you are an iOS user you can download the same from app store. Please find the download link at the end of the post.

You also need to specify if you are using American or British English to prevent unnecessary flagging.


1) If you are a professional writer and writing a book I would not recommend the free version. Please choose the paid version also go for a Human proofreader.

2) A hobby blogger cannot afford the paid version.

3) Occasionally Grammarly gives you a incorrect advice and sometimes it not even meeting the quality. So if you are new to the online grammar checker tool I would recommend to use some more accurate methods first.

4) (This was my first version review) Grammarly doesn’t have the mobile version of the website or the app. I am already in touch with Grammarly support.


Recently got an update that they have launched their iOS and Android version.

The world is going mobile and without this update, it would have been hard for Grammarly to survive 🙂

Nowadays around 60% of us are using mobile devices for sending emails or writing articles.

This calculator from StatCounter will help you to understand in depth.

StatCounter Global Stats – Platform Comparison Market Share


So android and iPhone version of Grammarly was in high demand.

Finally, they came up with the solution. Please find the download link below:



FAQ before you start using it:

Can Grammarly see what you write on your phone?

Yes, in order to prove correction Grammarly can see what you type. But at the same time, they understand your privacy. So encryption and several other measures are in place. Also, anything you type in the field marked sensitive cannot be seen to Grammarly such as credit card forms and passwords.

Does the Grammarly keyboard support glide input?

Not yet, but they are working on it and they will notify as soon as it ready.

Hope you liked the Grammarly review. Please feel free to ask if you have any question. Also, share any other useful grammar checker tool in the comment section.


  1. Hi Vikas thankyou for sharing about grammarly . After reading this article i checked to this option & i wonder that i can seek advices to all my text, even mail writting content as well. Its very much helpfull for professional writing.
    Best part that it can sync to google crome browser. Yes i completly agree that use of grammerly will improve writting skills as well.

    1. Hello Preet, thanks for writing. Yes you can do. Now Grammarly also supports mobile devices. Find the download link above 🙂

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