Google update – How can you add online appointment link in google my business?

During the COVID-19 situation most of the businesses are opting for the online booking option.

Businesses such as driving schools, photographers, property investors, e-learning training classes etc. have started working with the given ease.

No one would like to meet without prior appointment.

This is good for our safety.

Since people are taking the precaution and still running the business they are preferring the online booking in advance.

As Google has realized, they have added a new option in the Google My Business (GMB) page to display any custom online booking link or if you don’t want your customers to redirect to the thirst party websites they are giving an option to add online booking button within the Google My Business page as well.

Using this button they can book it with Google.

Step 1:

Go to your Google My Business dashboard.

Step 2:

Click on the button: “Update online appointments”

Now in this step either you can choose any third party calendar link or choose Google’s own booking system.

If you would like to choose the Google’s booking system just leave the appointment box blank.

Step 3:

You will get the below message if you will choose Google’s booking system.

Once you will select Google’s own booking system it will show a ‘Booking’ tab in the left hand panel of the Google My Business dashboard.

Once account is linked you will be eligible to start receiving bookings in Google within one week.

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