Google My business Insight is Not showing Photo Views

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I was surprised to see that Google My Business has stopped showing the photo views and the comparison of photo views from other businesses.

Below is the screenshot of my page shared with Google to look into the issue.

I started browsing Google support page and saw multiple threads about the missing photo insights. This happened sometime in the first week of Sept 2020.

Suddenly I started getting phone calls from my clients mentioning the same. Then I realised it’s not only me.

I have spoken to many other industry experts about the lost photo views and they confirmed that it may be a temporary change.

I was hoping the issue with the photo insights will be sorted soon.

I check the Google My Business insights for one of my client’s page and surprised to see that the photo views started to appear now.

But still the data is missing after 1st Sept 2020. Though it shows the stats for the month of Aug 2020.

Google must be looking into this and will sort it out soon. But I won’t be surprised to see some new changes by Google.

Please let me know in the comment section if you have any insight about the same.

UPDATE 24th SEPT 2020

Hey folks I just checked one of my client’s account and seems the lost photo views are back in Google My Business account.

Check the screenshot here.

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