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When I started writing my only objective was to kill some time and learn to write. But trust me I didn’t even know if this blog will start making money for me.

Money making through a blog is a strategic move. It requires hard work and patience.

Being a blogger, I can relate myself. Just like you, I had some questions in the beginning. Continue reading if you have had the same questions.

  • Are online money making options actionable?
  • What if I do hard work and not get paid?
  • Am I going to be a part of an online scam?
  • Can someone help me to find the best platform to make money online?
  • How can I get writing jobs from home?


In 2009, my best friend started working online through various platforms considering he will be making money soon. He was looking for writing jobs from home.

It’s human nature when you will find one platform to work and earn, automatically you will start searching for similar platforms.

He started with Elance (Now Upwork). After a long effort, he managed to get some freelance writing jobs and the very first client ditched him and ran away with $300.

It was a lot of money at that time.

Later he tried and found many microblogging platforms but nothing worked. But I am sure about one thing that he learned how to make money online.

Now he is growing with more than 300 clients across the globe.

Moral of the story Keep trying and when you will finally get the platform you need, then stick to it and invest time rather wandering here and there on the internet.

One of the biggest challenges of being a writer is to constantly look for content writing projects who can pay well for your writing pieces.

There is a lot of websites available today which will offer the opportunity to a freelance content writer to write for them but eventually end up paying less than you deserve.

When I discovered this, I vowed to create an exhaustive list of such platforms and share with my readers. Hope it helps you narrow down your search.

1. Contentmart (Update 30 Aug 2019: This website doesn’t work anymore)

I recently came across this website through the sponsored FB ads. Nice idea for them to promote it since it is still very new to a lot of writers.

I immediately signed up on Contentmart. This is a platform where freelance content writer and clients collaborate.

Writers can take up on a project and get paid for it. They use a bidding system to award projects.

Initially, it asks you for an English test and when you clear the beginner’s test, you are allowed to bid.

The bidding process is very simple here and I have seen people leave one-liners as well as their bidding pitches. It’s easy to land up projects here.

However, the only thing I did not like here was that the clients usually ask for a sample on the topic given by them, even though you have uploaded your portfolio.

I suspected that they plan to use your sample instead of hiring you. Beware of this practice.

Also, the majority of clients are Indians and pay less. Sigh!

2. Blogmint

Blogmint is a wonderful platform I used it in the past. Blogmint is specially designed to bring brands and influencers in one place.

Through this website, your writing skills put on the test. Also, your social media skill will improve.

You can link your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter account to your Blogmint account.

If they like your social profile, they will award the project. An example of the campaigns they run is “Write ten motivational tweets which can increase engagement and link it to our brand of ABC sports shoes”, “Write a blog about XYZ decor services”, etc.

You will get a chance to work with Big Brands like Shopperstop, JCB, Bluehost etc.

I personally liked it’s campaigning however you really have to wait for the right one which suits your needs. The frequency of the campaigns is low to intermediate and that can be a challenge.

I would highly recommend Blogmint for the newbies as the very first day you start making money.

The day I signed up got my first ‘tweet’ project. Feel free to write if you need any help.

Update 19th Mar’19: Blogmint has now shutdown the operations. For a complete Blogmint review click here.

3. Writerbay

I came across Writerbay by chance and the “curious me” just couldn’t wait to get started. I signed up for it and then something vast lay infront of me.

Writerbay is a platform for technical writers or web content writers.

Just after you sign-up, a number of tests are lined up for you before you can actually start bidding on projects.

Some of the tests are “APA style test”, ” MLA test”, ” Plagiarism test”, ” Chicago Manual style Test” on top of an advanced “English test”.

Writerbay is a platform which brings together technical writers with students, universities, associations, and organizations. Most of the projects you will get will be on writing technical books, journals, research papers, case studies.

Why did I get attracted to it? Well, I loved the awesomely high rates they were paying for each project. They pay in US dollars and you can make huge bucks out of it.

In fact, I got so greedy by here that I actually studied for APA (American Psychological Association) writing style and cleared their tests. I also cleared a couple of other tests, but by this time I was ready I got tired so I left my profile mid-way.

They provide you option to come back anytime and cleared some tests. You too can study online for it through tutorials and give the test.

However, I did not clear all the tests so I wasn’t allowed to bid on the projects. I was stuck at this point. Later on, I did check some reviews on Glassdoor of people who had their profiles there and got some mixed reviews.

You can also read 24 best ways to make money online

4. Upwork

Anybody who is freelancing is aware of this platform. But why am I including it here then? I am including it here so I can give you some tricks.

Upwork is a platform where clients hire freelancers for projects based on designing, developing, coding and ofcourse writing.

There is a free membership plan where initially you get 60 connects. Connects are like points which get used up when you throw a sales pitch to the clients as to why they should hire you for the project. It is also called as bidding.

Once you sign-up for Upwork, you are prompted to create a profile. Once it is created, you can make your profile look real good by taking tests.

Now I took the English level test as I had prepared a profile to take up the writing projects like writing web content, writing SEO articles etc., and well it wasn’t that easy. Why? It’s because they test you on topics like plagiarism, SEO, advanced vocabulary etc. However, I did get a decent score. 🙂

Now tips: Since the only way to land up projects here is your bidding technique and your swiftness so I would suggest you to create a few templates handy. Once you see a project, thoroughly read it, do a quick assessment of their website and writing needs.

Then tweak your template to suit the need of the client. Keep some samples handy catering to some specific niches. You can attach them here. Voila! You can start earning in US dollars now. That is how I landed my first content writing project there.

P.S: Don’t forget to include a catchy line at the end of your proposal like “Get in touch to discuss the strategies I have for this project”. This ensures you get to speak to the client atleast irrespective of whether they give you the project or not.

Once you get in touch with them, you can convince them with your knowledge to award it to you.

5. Indiblogger

I am a big fan of Indiblogger. I got to know about this platform in the month of March’16 and since then, they have helped me get more genuine visitors plus many paid writing assignments.

Indiblogger is a team of enthusiastic people and Next Is Best (NIB) wrote a full article about the Blogger Meet organized by them. You can find it here:

Indiblogger Meet

If you need any help on Indiblogger’s outreach strategy, you can leave a comment and I will get back to you.

6. Writersmelon

One of the best platforms for the people who want to read books and improve their writing skills. Writersmelon is specifically for the ‘Book Reviewers’. They have a constant flow of book reviews and you won’t feel hungry 🙂

You will find many new writers promoting their books. Writersmelon offers both paperbacks as well as e-books for review. They also offer useful resources to new authors to improve their craft.

You just have to be quick and good enough because they offer some limited copies for review.

So if you are looking for freelance writing jobs, writersmelon is worth visiting once every two days. If you are passionate about writing you should also read Important writing tips for bloggers

7. Blogadda

Another platform for sharing content and making some bucks out of it.

Blogadda has some very engaging topics mentioned below.

Perky Tweets
Tangy Tuesday
Spicy Saturdays
Content To Win
Tips & Tricks

The best part is you cannot spam your articles in all their writing category. If you posted your blog post for ‘Tangy Tuesday’, then you cannot post the same blog for ‘Spicy Saturday’

You will enjoy getting recognition here and it’s fun.

8. Toptal

As a freelance content writer, you can apply here. They will take you through a smart screening test.

They promise their client that they will provide the best quality individual contractors for their high-quality work.

If you want a Toptal team for your own work this is the best option.

9. Peopleperhour

This is the platform for freelancers working on the web projects. If you are a designer, web developer or SEO strategist etc. Peopleperhour is worth checking out.

Even if you need content writer or web content writer you can give a shot here.

10. iFreelance

It’s more or less like other freelance websites.

The best part of iFreelance is it lets you keep 100 percent of your earnings.

11. WriteDom

WriteDom was suggested by one of our readers. This is again a platform where you can get plenty of freelance work.

WriteDom is obliged to serve payments on a biweekly basis

Hope you enjoyed the exhaustive details of this post. We are in the process of expanding this list. So please keep watching this space for more.

If you have any best tool to make money online in mind, leave a comment and I will incorporate your idea in the post.


  1. Great stuff here. Up work is the only one I’d ever heard of before. I’m going to check out indiblogger as it looks promising!

    Thanks for this

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