free books giveaway through courier

Free Books Giveaway – An initiative by Next Is Best

Free Books Giveaway – A generous initiative by Next Is Best


I have a small giveaway for people coming to NIB (nextisbest)

Let me share a small story. When I was young back in 2000 it was pretty challenging to get a book. I used to rent books from a convenient bookstore and had to be sure that I would finish them within 24 hrs otherwise I was supposed to pay rent for the second day. At that time, I was spending 50 Paise for a book. But at the same time, it explained the importance of reading books

Recent picture of a book lover who wanted this book 🙂


Here are some questions and if you agree read further:

1) Have you ever seen a child who wants to read but doesn’t have money to buy?
2) Have you ever seen a boy/girl who wants to buy a competitive exam book but can’t afford?
3) Do you know someone who mentions ‘Reading’ as a hobby in the resume but doesn’t have a good book to read?

I know them and that’s why I am taking this initiative. I have been through this since my childhood. I waited for someone to come and give me a free book.

I tried and found the best options mentioned below:

Buy second-hand books
Win a contest to get a book
Fulfill some terms and conditions

But it wasn’t totally free. All involved some costs.

So I have decided that I will buy a book read and giveaway for free. Because I sincerely believe that book is meant to circulate. They helped me to understand the life and people. I want to help who want to read but have money constraint or are away from the bookstores.

Blogs took over books but still, I am fond of reading hard copies. Blogs are definitely good because they provide ‘To The Point’ information and save a lot of time.

You can follow the below two links for more information

Importance of reading books
How to become a blogger?

Note: I am not getting any funds or any help from anyone. I am not even trying to monetize anything here. It’s completely free.

I am a lone warrior but I will try to include visitors in ‘Free Books Giveaway’ campaign.

Step 1: I have a nice collection of books and want to giveaway
Step 3: Let me know if you are interested
Step 4: Since I have one copy of each book this is first come first serve (FIFO), so leave a comment with the book title
Step 5: Three people every week will get the book free of cost.
Step 6: If you are in Delhi/Gurgaon I can personally hand over the book or else I can send it through post (No charges on You)

Enjoy reading and helping 🙂

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome to make this better.


  1. It’s really generous of you for carrying out a noble deed I am an avid reader n due to money constraints I have to be selective n go to places to buy second hand books.If this is not too much for you I would love to read love over coffee and like u I would pass on to someone who needs it
    Prerna Sharma

      1. Thanks vikas just too excited to get the book and really proud to be associated with you ,who has shown that sometimes giving to others spreads more joy and I hope to do the same

  2. Hey I have just received my book thanks a ton Vikas and keep on inspiring people and make a change in others life with your awesome blogs

    1. Thanks Prerna, I am glad that you liked the book. Please you can also encourage people to read. You can even ask them to leave the book’s name here and I will see if I can arrange. Happy reading 🙂

  3. Your thoughts have truly inspired me and I really like the book
    Love over coffee thanks once again

  4. Good Job Vikas..
    I liked this site it’s very useful.
    Please send ‘How to Win Friends and influence people’ book to me.

  5. Nice work Vikas Keep it up..

    i like reading book please send book “that kiss in the rain”


  6. I am loving the book “Afghanistan- land of conflict & beauty” thanks for intitle me here, almost half done at my site. Looking forword complete with much ineterest & excitment by page by page. Thanks to next is best again.

  7. I like to read but the cost of reading books are so high . please give me a book know as Percy Jackson and the sea of monster please

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