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There is no doubt, most of us are somehow connected to the internet technology nowadays.

And when it comes to design even a simple HTML template for marketing/sales we start thinking about taking classes or browsing the internet for a pre-made free web design template.

The actual problem comes when we get to know that people are going to consume our content from different devices.

Mobile responsiveness is another major challenge while designing a web page using a website builder. This is very important because people will not necessarily visit the website from the few selected devices.

Mobile responsiveness design allows you to see the webpage perfectly fit on the screen without distorting the images or design.

Drag and Drop sound quite easy. I came across this tool a month back and since then I am using it.

This is based on WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

Here is what I think. I would appreciate your feedback in the comment section.

How To Register On DragDropr?

To create an account you simply need to visit here and fill few basic information.

DragDropr is an online cloud-based tool so you can use it from anywhere. You don’t need to download or install any software, unlike other coding programmes.

It’s a simple drag and drop website builder.


While registering on DragDropr if you have added yourself as Agency, you will get an option to add a company.

I felt, I only need to use my brain till here. Here onwards I just needed to use my creative skill to design website pages.


After logging in, you will see the easy dashboard to manage the projects/content blocks


Follow the below step to start your first project/content block:

– Add a company
– Click on ‘CONTENT BLOCK’ on the top center
– Now click on + (Plus) sign
– Finally, click on the big tile ‘CONTENT BLOCK SAMPLE’

Working Area – DragDropr

Now, this the final step. Here you will start looking into the tools to drag and drop and start creating the unmatched designs.


From the left-hand side either you can choose ‘WIDGETS’ or ‘CONTENT BLOCKS’

Screenshot mentioned above when I choose ‘WIDGETS’

You can simply drag and drop icons from left-hand side and place into the working area. For example, I dragged and dropped an image element. Now on the right-hand side, I will get the options to change the image’s property.

You can choose the image from the computer or pick from URL. You can also create some stunning images.

Once all the changes are done you can click on the right top corner (Preview) and you can check the preview before copying the HTML code. See the image below.

widget preview -nextisbest
widget preview -nextisbest

Now similarly I choose ‘CONTENT BLOCK’ this time. We will see everything is similar to ‘WIDGETS’

The only difference is, you will find pre-made templates. You can choose any one of them and start working.

content block-nextisbest
content block-nextisbest
content block preview-nextisbest
content block preview-nextisbest

Important Highlights

You can handle, create, edit and publish all your content pages and if you are an agency the pages from your clients right from within DragDropr by simply switching clients/projects from the same account and completely independent from the CMS. You always have the same features and UI across all your different sites and systems.

You can store content templates and re-use them for your account or your client accounts. You can publish pages not only to your CMS but also to Facebook as Page tab or use it as a Standalone landing page on your URL, even on your host if you want. You can embed pages as iFrame, Popup or ExitPopup.

You do not need any specific theme or CMS to make DragDropr working. You even do not need to install a plugin as we write plain HTML (plugins just make it more convenient). We do not write shortcodes, so our plugin can be removed again without harming the page.

DragDropr is more or less a visual builder add-on for classical rich text editors.

As an agency I wanted to have a hub, switching CMS independent through the clients/projects/pages and always have the same UI, no matter if my client has a Magento, Typo3 or WordPress…

Recently we have heard from team DragDropr that they have added Google fonts. So now you have a variety to use.

How does DragDropr compare to DIVI, Enfold, Thrive, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer?

All these Tools are Plugins JUST for WordPress. DragDropr is not only another visual editor plugin for WordPress or another WordPress-Theme. We are a standalone SaaS that is able to be plugged into ANY CMS. It does not matter which CMS you use – DragDropr fits them all (WordPress, Magento 1&2, Shopify, LightspeedHQ, Chrome Extension, and much more Plugins to come).

Also, those Editors all work with Shortcodes while DragDropr writes plain HTML. If you would like to disable the editor or even just change the Theme, the created content could break completely.

As it is a SaaS the content is also saved in our cloud and you can reuse it – you even can create standalone Landing Pages or publish pages as Facebook-Page Tab.


DragDropr provides 14 days free trial. You can signup for free.

Click here for pricing


Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome. Don’t forget to drop a line.


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