Digital Marketing Course – Live Call

Since you are here I am considering that you are interested in one to one live mentorship, not a recorded course.

Customised training as per your business requirement.
I will analyse one of your own website or your client’s website.
We will be discussing the latest marketing trends and help you implement for your business.
I will tell you why don’t you need to be a marketing expert for your basic marketing need.

I don’t offer anything for free as I believe – Those who pay, pay attention.

If you will think straight nobody offers anything for free. Example: People trade their email address for a recorded course.

I will teach you step by step process to offer paid services.

I personally experienced – I rarely finished any free book I have got as an email signup offer. I have heard the same from my students. That’s how I decided to launch this one to one live course.

Who will be benefiting from this consultation call?

I would like to mention with all confidence that you don’t need to be a ninja marketeer to generate sales from Google My Business. With the correct guidance and by doing some obvious work you can achieve the result.

  • Entrepreneur: Building your personal brand and establishing yourself as a market leader. Generate high ticket sales.
  • Niche Business: Get in touch with local customers. Showing you on the top of Google for any local keywords will establish you as a brand. Example: Property investors, Photographers, Pet Clinics, Pet Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Store, Estate Agents etc.
  • Public Speakers: Establish yourself as an individual brand. Increase the searches for your own name. Connect with the relevant audience.
  • Self Employed: Anyone who is managing his own marketing but wants professional guidance to generate leads and enquires without putting a hole in the pocket.
  • Marketing Consultants: I am no better than you but I have spent 10 years understanding 1000s of websites.

Before you ask for the proof 🙂

Here is a screenshot for one of my client’s account. I will be sharing more info during our live call.


Who should not consider the consultation call?

  • If you are enjoying the recorded courses 🙂
  • If you don’t want to see account insights of my live clients to understand the strategy.
  • If you think £30 is not reasonable for learning new marketing strategy and generating more sales.
  • If you are not interested in generating high ticket sales.

Let’s speak soon on Zoom/WhatsApp call 🙂