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Google Virtual People Card: Add Me To Google Search

If you have searched for a business or a famous personality, you would have found a rich content result as below. Google virtual people card is a new business card. This will you will have a more authentic image online.

Recently Google has started a similar service for even common people. Now, this is game changing as your personal profile will rank in a similar way when someone will search for your name on Google search.

For example: If you are a photographer and someone will search for your name – Your Google virtual business card will come up as a result. So it’s highly recommended to optimise your Google card so that you can dominate the search result for your name.

Creating your own google virtual people card can be a game changer for local businesses. I am trying this on a couple of websites and it looks promising.


You can only setup Google people card on mobile phones or tablets.

This feature is available in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, for users that have their set language to English.

Make sure you are logged in using your gmail Id.

STEP 1: Go to your browser on your mobile phone and search for ‘add me to google’ or ‘edit my people card’

STEP 2: You will see your Google virtual people card. There you need to fill in relevant information such as Full name, Location, About, Occupation etc. The more information you provide it’s easier to be found on Google people card.

STEP 3: Check the details and save them. You can always come back and edit if you feel anything need to be added. You again need to follow STEP 1 to edit the information on the Google people card.

In order to stop abusing this feature, Google will demand to add your mobile number in the account.

This feature will simply help you to find the same person you are looking for. You can see their people card and using relevant information displayed you can figure it out easily.

Google people card will increase the relevancy in people search.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to come on the top when someone is searching for your name on Google business card 🙂

After adding yourself on Google virtual people card you may not see yourself immediately on search result. This may take sometime.

Read the complete and updated guidelines on Google people card here: Google Support


  1. I like this idea Vikas. Google continues to step it up for us non-celebrities. If you put in the time and effort you can build professional-looking results through the search engine. The key is to commit, then, to know how to add yourself via your super tutorial.


    1. Hi Ryan, Google is bringing many new updates and I love digging it 🙂 Thanks for liking it.

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