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Automated content: Articoolo Review

It sounds quite promising but I have gone through the detail and checked the product’s DNA to provide you the actual picture.

As usual, before writing few questions crossed my mind:

What is automated content?
Is it good to have automated content?
How to use Articoolo?
Articoolo’s DNA?

1) What is automated content?

By the help of artificial intelligence (AI), we can create an algorithm which can generate quick content based on the high-level keywords you will input. The algorithm tries to imitate human writing style and way of thinking.

2) Is it good to have automated content?

Here, people may have their own opinion. I will share my own perspective.

I love to write and I know its time taking but the final product is always what I wanted.

I will be honest here, everyone takes inspiration from what others are doing. Articoolo is also taking a step forward to help the people who are into blogging, writing, SEO, affiliate marketing etc.

These professionals are in regular need of new content. So we cannot deny the need of automated content by just giving an argument about human written creative content.

I can not always ask for Shakespeare to write content for my marketing ads, SEO, blogging etc. 🙂

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3) How to use Articoolo?

– Create an account using email ID
– Enter the ‘high level key phrase’
– You can also select the alternative topic suggested
– Set the maximum word limit to 500
– Algorithm will check for content structure
– Algorithm will be choosing the best suitable word
– You will get an article within 2 Mins

4) Articoolo’s DNA:

Articoolo’s algorithm helps write to create fast and cost effective content. They claimed that the content is unique and high quality. I will let you decide the quality.

Here is a piece I generated.


You will get the masked content but 1-2 lines in each paragraph will show the sample content. Based on that you need to decide whether you want to buy or not.

You will get 1 credit for free with the new account and if you like you can choose from different plans.

You will get the credits to buy the content. Credits won’t be deducted until you hit the BUY button. So you have many chances to generate the content until you like it.

I don’t find this option very helpful. Because with 1-2 lines you cannot decide the content quality. But still, something is better than nothing.

When you are about to buy the content you will also find some suggestion for content related images. You can get low resolution watermarked images for free or you can buy high-resolution images. They will redirect you to istockphoto (



Little funny but the content will cost $1 or $2 and the related item (images) will cost $33 (Approx.)


When you want to say something from your heart and touch your audience then always prefer your human brain.

But if you want the content to save time and money Articoolo is not a bad option.


  1. Hi Vikas,

    Have you reviewed Article Forge 2.0? I am curious to know how you think it compares.



    1. Hello Lily, It seems interesting. I will be looking into this. Please mention if you have any specific questions.

      1. Awesome, thanks! I would like to know what you think overall, but also specifically if the content is readable/flows well and if it is actually unique.

        Thanks again

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