About NextIsBest

Hello All! Are you the best or NEXT IS BEST? 🙂

Welcome to NestIsBest (NIB). This is a place where we all share our best blogging practices. We believe that we are bloggers, not buggers.

For bloggers who believe that they can produce the best content, this place is for them.

We believe in thriving in a fast-paced environment with few places to rest. I sincerely believe that one should write for the users, not for the spider (which is responsible for Google rankings, for those who dont understand SEO lingo)!

What I do at NextIsBest:

1) I write blogs about digital marketing, SEO, social media, product reviews and how to make money online. (Though its not easy, so dont assume that it is.)

2) I write easy to understand blogs with fluid language. I am not Shakespeare.

We dont have any success stories, but are determined to make one.

The man behind NextIsBest


Hello there,

My name is Vikas Singh and I am an IT engineer. To be honest, blogging was not my cup of tea initially, but this is the only thing I could have done at the beginning of my career. (Scroll down to learn why.)

A humbling yet interesting turn

After my first job, it was not very easy to start blogging. I lost my first job because the company shut down. I was jobless for more than three months and became used to staying at home.

I was not meeting with friends, for obvious reasons, but as the saying goes, From ashes rises a phoenix, so my career took an interesting turn. I invested heavily in reading books and blogging. Blogging started as a hobby but soon became a serious passion. Initially, I started on Blogspot, and then moved to many platforms before I chose WordPress. Just like a young kid who stumbles before he walks, I too saw my share of dips before I started walking confidently.

Here is a trip down memory lane:

When I was jobless it wasnt easy. After three months of a break, I started looking for a job and got one in sales. My salary was slashed by a quarter because I was changing from IT to sales, obviously not by choice. I worked for one year and realized I needed to polish my communication skills more.

I decided to join a call center to enhance my communication skills. I thought it was an easy nut to crack, as I have an engineering degree.

Would you believe it took five attempts in different companies before I got the job? Funny, huh! I took thirty thousand calls before feeling confident. Blogging was my only escape after a long day of work, as it helped me reflect on my strengths and weaknesses. Writing usually does that to you.

When we think we are smart enough, life gives a new lesson to learn.

What do I do now?

Now I work as a senior project manager for a reputable IT company, where I devise proven marketing strategies to help my global clients expand their digital presence. I also counsel young individuals on career choices.

I successfully run this blog to help share my experiences. My Twitter page boasts more than 11,000 impressions on a single Tweet, and I am currently in the phase of expanding my social reach.

I share best SEO practices, all of which I’ve tried myself, along with their stats. I love writing just about anything, and I enjoy helping brands reach their markets by writing compelling yet honest product reviews. Check out some of the product reviews here:

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Sweek App Review for book lovers

What can you learn from my experience?

There is no substitute for hard work, and if consistently fueled by the right motivation, even you cannot let yourself down.

Why blogging?

I encourage young enthusiasts to take up writing because it helps an individual in many ways.

First, it displays your strong sense of communication and your ability to connect with others, which is highly recommended in this continuously shrinking world.

It helps you to integrate the best digital marketing practices and boost your social media presence, all without having a tangible product.

Moreover, it ensures a continuous flow of ideas among young entrepreneurs, apart from giving back to the community. Over a period of time, blogging is one of the best ways to communicate, all only with the help of your grey cells and your laptop. And last but not the least, if I can successfully do it, you can too.

Reach me here, 911@nextisbest.co.in, to receive personalized tips from me on how to boost your blogs or how to choose a passion for yourself, etc.