About NextIsBest

Hello All! Are you the best or NEXT IS BEST? 🙂

Welcome to NestIsBest (NIB).

I believe in thriving in a fast-paced environment with few places to rest. I sincerely believe that one should write for the users, not for the spider (which is responsible for Google rankings, for those who don’t understand SEO lingo)!

I am a professional Digital Marketing Consultant with 8+ years of agency experience. Over the last 8 years, I’ve worked with multiple businesses large and small helping them with their digital marketing needs. During this time I’ve learned to implement strategic marketing ideas that generate high conversions. I’ve worked with various clients from e-commerce to restaurants, renovation companies, etc. I also work with Professional Photographers.

I produce high quality content (Visual and written) for my clients and also review digital products on my successful blog nextisbest.co.in

Creating an ROI based marketing strategy or high quality content can be a daunting task. That’s where I come in. Whether you need to tweak and optimize your current strategy or to create one from the ground up, I can help.

If any of this sounds like what you are looking for, do not hesitate to get in contact with me, I’d be happy to help.


What do I do apart from business?

I counsel young individuals on career choices and financial education.

I successfully run this blog to help share my experiences. My Twitter page boasts more than 11,000 impressions on a single Tweet, and I am currently in the phase of expanding my social reach.

I share best SEO practices, all of which I’ve tried myself, along with their stats. I love writing just about anything, and I enjoy helping brands reach their markets by writing compelling yet honest product reviews. Check out some of the product reviews here:

Blogmint: How to earn through social media
Grammarly: Online grammar checker tool
Sweek App Review for book lovers

What can you learn from my experience?

There is no substitute for hard work, and if consistently fueled by the right motivation, even you cannot let yourself down.

Why blogging?

I encourage young enthusiasts to take up writing because it helps an individual in many ways.

First, it displays your strong sense of communication and your ability to connect with others, which is highly recommended in this continuously shrinking world.

It helps you to integrate the best digital marketing practices and boost your social media presence, all without having a tangible product.

Moreover, it ensures a continuous flow of ideas among young entrepreneurs, apart from giving back to the community. Over a period of time, blogging is one of the best ways to communicate, all only with the help of your grey cells and your laptop. And last but not the least, if I can successfully do it, you can too.

The man behind NextIsBest 🙂


Reach me here, 911@nextisbest.co.in, to consult for customised marketing strategies, identifying target audience & increasing reach, creating compelling stories for users, brand creation and enhancement .