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A platform for book lovers, aspiring authors and sweekers – App Review

If you are on my blog you must be knowing that I love to write and read. That’s why I stumble upon such apps who provide good value to the book lovers and aspiring authors.

Sweek is a mobile platform that allows everyone to write, read and share stories all over the world.

Because of the high usage of mobile devices, Sweek writing and reading app translated into 14 different languages with the publication of stories possible in over 60 languages.

The best part is this all comes for free.

On Sweek you can find stories from aspiring and well-known authors, in all genres. Follow your favorite stories, get notified when new chapters are out and give your feedback.

Going on a holiday? Not to worry, you can read the stories offline. Sweek will help you to easily write on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Next, Sweek mobile publishing platform, they offer the opportunity to publish their paperbacks or e­-books via Sweek self­-publishing.

Publishing and selling your books via their webshop is free of costs and you’ll receive an attractive royalty per sold copy. When a customer buys your book, they will print it and ship it within 4 working days.

Isn’t it attractive 🙂 You don’t need anyone to tell. you are a self-proclaimed writer.

You can join Sweek for short stories and captivating fan­fiction, for literary classics, for inspiring articles. Everybody has a story to tell.

You can read my story here.

Currently, there are over 400,000 registered users on the platform.

Website: Sweek
Android app: Sweek for Android (Now Sweek is not available for Android)
iOS app: Sweek for iOS
Sweek publishing: Sweek for Publishing

How do you fulfill all users’ needs?

Sweek is a two-sided platform with readers and writers. Writers come to Sweek with different needs. The ‘amateur’ writers are all about the social aspect of Sweek to join the community and improving their writing.

read and share stories with sweek - nextisbest
read and share stories with sweek – nextisbest

Independent, self-published and traditionally published authors use Sweek to get early feedback on their work and to reach a new audience. The ones that joined Sweek understand that giving something away for free leads to a loyal fanbase who’re happy to buy their book!

If you are reading till here I am sure you are a book lover 🙂 I have something nice for you.

Free Books Giveaway – An initiative by Next Is Best

For users the best selection of content is available: They have the popular algorithm for showing what the community likes, the top author list to show curated quality content from professionals and the featured list to show competitions winners and editor’s picks.

Publishers are currently using Sweek mainly as talent scouting mechanism. Together with Ravensburger, they successfully hosted a competition for Young Adult writers to win a publishing contract with the Ravensburger publishing house. 16-year old Samira received a contract. They currently have talent scouting competitions running with the Moon publishers (NL), Piper Verlag (GER) and Penguin Random House (ESP).

Besides that, they work with various other parties, for example for organizing writing contests. Examples of these are online reading and writing communities and writing schools.

Writers get encouraged to write more and they have a chance of winning big prizes: they are all very happy with these opportunities.

What does “Sweek” mean?

Actually, there was no deep meaning behind it. They liked it as it’s catchy and easy to remember. And at that point, it also meant (according to Urban dictionary) a combination of ‘sweet’ and ‘rocking’ 😉

What’s the added value of Sweek in comparison with the others?

The idea of a reading and writing platform is not new, and there are a few players in the market. Some of their unique advantages are:

– They have a wide variety of content, also from top authors.

– They have a clean reading experience, without advertisements and customizable to the user.

– They connect mobile publishing with self-publishing. With Sweek self-publishing readers can create and sell e-books and paper books within a few hours, without any cost. They’ll receive a margin when they sell their books.

– For each language they are active in, they have a community builder who is a native speaker, allowing them to reply to all user questions and requests, to select the best stories and to organize writing competitions and other campaigns specific to those users.

I think you should download and give it a try. Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions in the comment section


  1. Excellent article. Very informative, flows smoothly down the page, and gave me all I was looking to know, including what Sweek means. I’ll buy that definition, sweet and rocking. “Hey, that’s sweek, man!” :- ) Thanks!

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