8 best ways to increase pageviews for the website

When you are writing a blog the end objective is to engage the visitors and increase pageviews per visitor.

This is true in both cases:

1) If you are writing a blog to monetize
2) Or you are writing for passion (Not really the case, we all want to monetize!)

Let me ask few questions:

How do you feel when you check analytics and see lower pageviews?
How do you feel when visitors are checking just 1-2 pages and leave?
What are the 8 best ways to increase pageviews?
If you have some genuine readers then what are you doing to engage them?
Do you need any special skills to do this?

I am going to answer all the above questions. Also, I am open to new ideas.

1. Giveaway: Who don’t love the free stuff?

Let’s understand this by a short example. If I invite you to a party and a few food items are of average quality but I am giving away a nice gift bag when you are leaving. Would you not ignore some downsides?

Obviously, you will. Likewise for the websites. Definitely, you are using this technique because you are not a ProBlogger. And being a normal human you can make mistakes too while writing posts.

So, when you give away something to your visitor they understand this and keep coming to your website to see the improvements. Or else they will think you have wasted their time.

A simple human psychology says that people feel honored when you offer something for free.

You can give away ebooks, guides, checklist, discount coupons etc.

I am giving away books (Hard Cover). I am sending them through the post. This requires some investment but they are paying back in exchange for their support and emails. So no obligation.

Free Books Giveaway – An initiative by Next Is Best

2. Professional website design to woo the first time visitor:

You have less than 5 seconds to impress your first-time visitor. And within this short span, they will decide to stay or leave.

So I would recommend going for a pro WordPress theme. You will get the best after-sales support and you will also learn a lot by playing around.

When I bought this theme I didn’t think twice. Now it’s paying me off by giving more visitors. Many pro bloggers said the design is very professional and other positive feedback.

The backend is pretty easy to maintain and you can make the changes on a regular basis without any hassle.

3. Role of backlinks:

Some of us must be thinking that backlinks are only to enhance the SEO score and intention behind giving the backlink is meeting ‘Google ranking factors’criteria.

But the story is little different here. Backlink should be given to help your visitors. It’s not possible for a blogger to cover everything in one blog and that’s why they cover the major topics and give a reference to other posts for more detailed information.


I personally link to related articles on my blog (nextisbest) and wherever required, I give links to other websites. Giving a link to others doesn’t mean that you are sending your visitor to them, however, you are helping them get all the necessary information. They will definitely return to your post.

4. Do you think long articles bring more traffic?

I have a quick answer here. When I started to write my blogs, they were hardly reaching 1000 words. But now I can easily write 1800-2000 words.

7 important writing tips for bloggers

But do you think everyone is going to read long articles? We have a certain obligation here.

– Some people use small screen devices which are not comfortable to
read long articles.
– In India, it’s very normal that your visitor may have slow internet
connection. Again long articles are not going to help you there.
– Website speed can be another challenge

Start giving the option to download a PDF copy of the post somewhere in the middle of the post. Preferably mention only the bullet points in your PDF.

5. Formatting of post helps to increase pageview:

You must have realized some posts are very informative but written flat without images or any reference. Those pages are not engaging.

Let’s understand the element of a post

– When you start a post make sure there should be a very attractive banner that is welcoming your visitors because that’s how you create interest. Also, other factors like title and description should not be ignored.

– Don’t clutter the post with too many Ads. Use sidebar for ads. While reading the post no one likes an interruption. Even Ads will work only when you have visitors, so focus on the reader, not SPIDER (Responsible for ranking in the search engine).

– Use proper images. Some bloggers think that putting a lot of images will help them make the post interesting. But only relevant images work. Otherwise, people will flip your blog like an old-fashioned photo album.

– High resolution images directly affect website speed. So use tools like WP Smush and this will help to compress the image without losing the quality.

6. Highlight important pointers:

Make the important points bold. You can simply use ‘Strong’ tag or use different colors.

You can see how Darren Rowse highlighted important factors:


Give special attention to the points which you want to emphasize.

7. Who do you want to attract using a high number of pageviews?

While researching this topic, I came across something on Elegant Themes

See the below image:


I totally agree that a high number attracts people. When it comes to the website pageviews, it becomes very important because that’s how people get to know the authority of your website.

So let’s take a moment to see another reason to increase pageviews:

a) Woo advertisers:

If you are running a website, the easy way to make money is Adsense, Native Ads etc. So a higher number of pageviews is always the best way to attract advertisers.

b) Direct impact on conversaion rate:

Again if you have a website and your objective is to sell products or services, signups, subscriptions etc. then a high pageview is going play a vital role.

This is a symbol of trust. The more visitors you will get, the more the chances to convert them into lead prospects or sales.

8. Build ‘Give and Take’ relation:

Being a blogger, it’s my experience gained from long term-learning. Initially, when I started, I thought I will produce good quality content and people will start liking it instantly. If you are thinking the same then wake up because it’s a myth.

You have to write and then ask people to give you an honest feedback. But why will someone take time out to read and comment on your blog when millions are already existing out there.

The answer is: Because you were generous to read their blog and give feedback in the first place.

[bctt tweet=”Start #appreciating people’s #work and they will appreciate yours”]

The moment I started to give feedback first and then ask for help, I realized I got more than enough help. So building a generous relationship with the people will help to increase engagement on the post as well as pageviews.

I think this is last but not the least. Hope that atleast one point mentioned above has been helpful for you.

Please share your comments and feedback. Let me know if I am missing something. I would love to add your suggestions.


    1. Thanks Upasna, I will look into your website and check. Also can you please tell if you are practicing anything already from the tips mentioned in the post?

      1. Yes, I read other Bloggers for the love of reading and for the want to wide my Blogging circle. I am using WP Smush.I write medium length articles. I try my best to format the post.

        I tried my hands at Back-links but they didn’t help me.

        Hoping to get some advice from you- from a critic point of view.

  1. This is an informative post for every blogger and I found all of the points discussed over here have some value. I am still working on my page views score and thanks for sharing this article, Vikas 🙂 Have a great day!!

  2. These are really helpful tips to increase the page views, great job Vikas Enjoyed and will keep them all in mind while Blogging. Thank you for the post, have a great day 🙂

  3. Hey Vikas,

    Great post here. My favorite was about the use of internal links to guide users to other relevant content. Most people mention these links strictly in terms of spread seo juice, I’m glad you highlighted their true purpose of actually helping the reader.

  4. Awesome tips Vikas. You have covered almost all the points in one post. keep up the great work. 🙂

  5. Hey Vikas,

    Using bold definitely helps keep readers intrigued. I also use italics, bullets, and curiosity inspiring subheads.

    Thanks for another great piece. You’re super productive man!

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