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7 Important Writing Tips For Bloggers

Being a blogger I have faced this big time challenge of going blank. This is popularly termed as writer’s block. There have been endless moments when I constantly stare at my notepad struggling what to scribble next?

If you face this challenge from time to time then this blog is for you. I can bet even after years of experience we all face the same issue time to time. I am certainly excluding the Probloggers 🙂

Lets go to the flashback and see what are the questions I had?

What could be the best topic to write?
What sort of content can help me rank higher in SERP?
Is this going to help me in achieving my business goals? (i.e. visitors, signups etc.)
Am I copying someone else’s content?

If these are the questions crossing your mind too, then let’s get serious.

Important Writing Tips For Bloggers

1. What should I write about?

The first problem with this question is – If you don’t have an idea to start with then you will end up writing something useless or else you will start looking for the next best topic on the internet. This will kill your precious time.

When I started blogging I used to spend a lot of time reading blogs and finding jazzy topics. I realized I was not able to decide where to begin with. So the second problem is having a lot of thoughts and ideas flooded at the same time. Trust me you still won’t be able to find the topic to write.

Here are the two best ways to decide what to write:

Find out the niche your blog belongs to. Within the niche what are the major topics you are going to cover?

The solution is very simple. Put the most generic keyword in the google search engine and use the goldmine of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to find the best topic. For beginners, I won’t recommend getting into the SEO details. Just pick any relevant topic and start writing.


Bloggers who are concerned about SEO/Content Marketing they can go an extra mile by checking the keywords in Google Keyword Planner Tool and decide the best option.

2. How do I start writing?

I will show you another familiar picture of ‘How do I start writing?’.

This is one of the obvious things you would have realized if you are a content creator. Let’s see what I faced.

I used to start writing with all energy and enthusiasm but after 20-30 minutes found myself infornt of a blank white sheet, hand on my head and 100’s of blogs opened up in my browser’s tab. Is this your story too?

But what next? If you keep on thinking about the best story – You will end up wasting your time. I can easily type upto 500-600 words in 20 mins now and this is the basic ingredient to get an article completed. So put all your energy to write that first word on paper.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t think too much and #pen down the first #WORD on the #paper”]

Here is one of the techniques I follow to start my blog:

I used to ask questions before I started my blog. If you read any of my blogs mentioned below you will find the same pattern. Well, I try to find the questions readers usually ask.

Importance of reading books
How to monetize your blog
Grammarly Review 2016


Secondly you can use Quora to find the popular questions people are asking and that can be your trending keyword. In order to connect to the readers, you have to answer their question in the best possible way.

You can share a lot of things about SEO, content marketing, Social media but what if the trending question on Quora is ‘How can I motivate myself to work hard?’ Use these questions to create your longtail keywords.


Simply pick the trending question and put it into the Google’s keyword planner tool. You will find a lot of suggestions. You can go with average search volume and medium competition keywords.


You can see a keyword ‘ways to get motivated’ so below is the suggested topic to write:

“10 ways to get motivated”

3. Did someone already write about the same topic?

Imagine you just started to write about Quick guide on Google fetch and render and you will find a lot of articles already ranking on the first page for the same topic.


No issues, I have a solution here. Still, you don’t have to compromise and copy someone else’s content.

Write a content of more than 1000 words. Write better content and mention what was missing in other articles. Taking inspiration is not wrong and am all guns for it. When you start writing more than 1000 words honestly it reduces the risk of common content.

4. Do you think it’s taking ages to finish?

When I started writing – I used to take 7 hours to write a 500 words blog but now its reduced to 3 hours for 1500+ words. If I can do you can do it too. Start writing a small piece and check how long it’s taking to create. You will be writing faster in a very quick time.

I am really inspired with Neil Patel’s blog for larger content. You will not find any blog less than 1500-2000 words. After months of practice, I started to write 1500+ words.

Don’t get disheartened. Take time but produce quality content. When someone will read you content they will value your time too. If you wrote for the sake of writing chances are your article will be ignored.

5. Did I write any good?

I am pretty sure this is one of the awkward moments when you write so hard and find 20-30% percent of engagement from the previous post.

Don’t be a robot while responding to the comments on the post or asking fellow bloggers to promote your article.

There are again two ways to do that:

Robot Response: “Hey, how are you?” or “Good, thanks”. People will not even bother to see those responses. So a big NO to this idea.

Out Of Box Response: And this is the best way to get attention, “Hello, did you read this article?” or “You know what happened during my Dubai trip?” This is different than what people expect.


Real time chat is always important. Don’t just leave a default message and think people will respond. Even its more frustrating to see a bunch of spam messages. Build relationships that last and so that your fellow bloggers listen to you. Ask for help if required.

If you won the reader’s heart, you will get post engagements.

6. Why someone will share my article?

If this question is crossing your mind I have a bitter answer. Well, this is something to worry about.

Find the below two facts

If your article is ignored by your social followers this will minimize the chances of getting a new audience.

If your article is ignored this will also hurt your self-respect and I can only say better watch next time.

But the good news is I have a quick fix 🙂

BuzzSumo: Use BuzzSumo to make your article shareable. You can easily find most sharebale topic to write. Read more about How to use BuzzSumo? I have already explained in a previous post.

Use Strong Tag: If you want to emphasize on some important part use ‘Strong’ tag to highlight the content.

Better Click To Tweet Use this amazing WP plugin to highlight some major areas of the post. This will help to mention hashtags which can make you post viral. Check the sample here:

Making fortune or just living?


Feel free to contact me if you find any issue in installing ‘Better Click To Tweet’ plugin.

7. How to fix all the mistakes before we post a blog?

Nice question. I am sure you are all human and can make mistakes unless you are Darren Rowse 🙂 Don’t take me wrong he is human too but he is perfect in what he does. Years of practice can do that to you too.

So there is always a scope to go back and fix errors.

Now you are all set to publish your post. Enjoy blogging.

If this post helped you in any way please leave a comment. I am human too and ready for the feedback 🙂


  1. One other question I would ask myself is – “Does this content help my target audience?” In your case, I’d say it does. Thanks for the tips, Vikas, especially that one about the wp tweet plugin. Would definitely use that.

    1. Thanks Sadbhav 🙂 these techniques are timeless and work with everyone. I will try to introduce more relevant stuff if you can drop your website url.

    1. Haha you are right 🙂 I am getting a lot of requests to write about ‘more blogging tips’ I am working on it 🙂

      Thanks for sharing Archie.

  2. Very good Vikas it’s good guide to improve its writing skills I learn a lot from you .
    Keep blogging my dear friend..I m waiting your next steps.

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  4. Thanks for sharing the great tips for the startups. i like your goldmine tips for the topic search for the current volume.

  5. Hey Vikas,

    I enjoyed this tips. I like the way you take a pragmatic approach towards writing by doing actual research instead of trying to conjure subjects out of thin air like most writers do.

    Off to share.

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