5 things to remember – freelancers, Marketing consultants and Content Marketers

During the COVID-19 everyone is trying to meet their need. Even clients are keeping their expenses to minimum on marketing for obvious reasons. They have families to run.

At the same time people have realized the importance of marketing services. If your marketing is in place you will continue to get the work even during the COVID-19.

I see the COVID-19 situation a little differently. Since others are not very aggressive in their marketing approach, this is the best time for small businesses to grow.

Let’s accept the fact that, winning new business is relatively not easy. So focus on giving the value add to the existing clients even if they are not paying enough. This way you will come out stronger.

1. Market Research:

Most of the companies are shifting their physical business model to online business model. They are also launching new product and services. I recommend doing a detailed market research for them.

Make yourself available for an hour or so everyday and provide the substantial information to the client at discounted price. This will be a win win situation for both of you.

2. Keyword Analysis:

Client’s keywords may not be relevant now as it was a year ago. They might not be aware that they are wasting their marketing budget on the irrelevant keywords.

It’s the consultant’s job to do the through research and provide the competitive keywords.

I would recommend to focus on the local keywords this time.

3. Google My Business:

Update their Google My Business page regularly with the intent of local visibility.

Also create a post around their Google reviews and share the same on their social platform.

People are searching for best service providers as they do not have enough budget to try everyone and they are end up looking for the Google reviews. So use Google reviews in best possible way.

4. Communication:

Everyone including employees want to know the the business updates.

Share everything changing in the business. If your client is starting a new product or service communicate the same to the audience.

Do the same even if they are discontinuing any product or service.

This step will help their audience to make the right decision and they won’t loose a client but gain trust.

5. Challenging Remote work:

During COVID-19 remote work was the only option left. Slowly most of the business found a way to the remote work.

For example people involve in the property investment are giving the property tour on Zoom call.

Help your client to figure out the best way to go remote. As you are doing the market research you will be able to help them out.

Feel free to ask if you have any question while you are trying to implement this model for your clients.

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