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5 Best Google Adwords practices improving your campaign

We all know that Google Adwords is becoming competitive day by day.

The biggest reason for this – Google is collecting massive data about customer behaviors and based on those parameters, the algorithm is also updating regularly.

Regular tweaks in the current campaign can help you generate more traffic and sales.

The strategy you were using before a couple of years may not be relevant today. So you need to be up to date with Google Updates.

A simple way to get the Google updates – Setup Google Alerts

You can read pieces of information and benefits of Google Alerts here.

1) Audience Analysis:

Testing the audience is one of the best strategies.

Even Google is collecting the massive data for audience behaviors and based on that helping advertisers to target a relevant audience.

Google knows when someone is looking for a product or service to buy. Your audience will click all over the internet to get a more accurate result and make decisions.

In-market Audience is a Google Adwords feature and this is the best way to find out about the target audience and their behavior.

For example, you are a ‘Mobile phone maker’ and want to target the people who would more likely to buy mobile phone very soon. In-market Audience option will help you to target such an audience with massive data available for them.

This option will also help you to upsell at the same time. Because when someone is planning to buy a mobile phone they will more likely to buy mobile skins, temper glass for the screen etc.

You can also sell the mobile applications because once they will start using the phone they will setup Google Play Store as the first thing.

One of the customer behaviors I am sure about – When someone is in buying mode they can buy a lot of things which is not even necessary.

I am also a mobile user and whenever I am in the buying mode I even end up renting the movies which are easily available on movie streaming website.

2) Adwords Dynamic Ads:

Dynamic ads are served on retailer’s website. Retailers can optimize their website and serve relevant ads.

For example, I was casually searching for some insurance plans but didn’t pay much attention at that time. The remarking Google algorithm started to follow me. Now, whenever I go on the web and if they are serving Google ads I used to see the same insurance plans I was looking for.

I believe if something shows up in front of you every time you open a website you end up buying that product. It may take some time but it happens.

Google has a feature called product-specific remarketing special designed for retailers.

This is how dynamic Ad looks like:


Read a detailed guide and give it a shot.

3) Optimize Ads Regularly:

Ad optimization is not a one time job. We should keep trying beta campaigns.

If you are building a campaign from scratch you don’t know which strategy is going to work.

A beta campaign is well explained by Guillaume Devinat.

For example: If you are setting up an ad, there is a lot of factors you control such as Target Audience, Ad Description etc.

Ad description has a lot of information. You can define the product name, model number, Product Type, cost etc. based on your research. This is the place where a beta campaign will help.

I will be honest, initially, you may not find Google AdWords very helpful but once you will learn the basics of a beta campaign this can be a goldmine for generating business.

4) Schedule Ads:

I am not judging but many of us run the campaign at random hours.

I really believe you should define a certain time. There is no point getting a call or email when you can not respond to them.

When your prospect is looking for a service they are more likely in buying mode. They filled an inquiry that means they are waiting for your call.

In a couple of hours, this hot prospect will get busy in his/her work and will become cold. Now you are calling them and they are not interested enough.

This is the reason most of the time we blame our AdWords skill or Google for not closing that hot prospect.

Learn the basic of prospects behavior.

For example, I am looking to buy an Insurance plan and filed an inquiry form. Now if I have to wait for 24 hours I will more likely to change the mind or delay the process.

So be available when you are running Google Ads because it’s your investment. This will not become your profit if you are not closing the deal.

5) Is your competitor burning your budget?

This can be a common question by new Ad managers. If the ad is showing to anyone, how can we save the ads from the competitor’s click?

If we are smart Google is smarter.

Google has a smart automated system in place.

This really hurt the small and medium-size business with low budget.

With a limited budget, you cannot even continue to test the services. For example, if you a small Adwords budget and your competitors are draining it quickly you won’t be able to collect even relevant data for the next time.

And you will end up thinking that the Google Adwords is not fit for your business.

So you have to be extra careful when you have a limited budget.

It also impacts the large businesses with handsome Adwords budget. Because they won’t be able to get the ROI (Return On Investment).

Neil Andrew said it well on his blog. Read it here to save your ads from competitor’s click.

Feel free to add your suggestion in the comment box. It will help the people wasting their budget on Google Adwords.


  1. I think it must have to separate for free bloggers who are not making advertise on google because if some bloggers are using budget for the blogging then automatically they will ahead of us? Then how much tie we work here it is useless to us?

    1. Thanks for writing Pranita. I tried understanding your question. Please let me know if this is what you meant. You are right, and many bloggers use Adwords to drive traffic and sell digital products. But we all have started at some place. So they also started as free bloggers but eventually, they started making money and also investing in the Google Adwords.

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