3 Best ways to create graphics for blog and social media

I have something nice and creative to share today. I will explain how to create stunning graphics for the blog and social media.

We are fortunate that we have many free graphic design tools available now and we are not depended on Photoshop and CorelDraw. Don’t worry if you are a doctor, lawyer or engineer still you can create amazing images for your blog and social media.

Use of social media for designers got increased. Nowadays everyone wants good high-quality graphics for social media promotion.

We all know the fact that we cannot spend many hours to learn Photoshop and again spend a lot of time to create free images for your website or social media.

I tried to learn Photoshop but honestly, I have just wasted my time and even the quality of images was not so good. So if you are not expert in Photoshop I would not recommend going for it.

The best practice is to find some popular free online design tool. I will share two free tools which can be very helpful for beginners.

Create stunning graphics for a blog is no more challenging. You simply need to drag and drop to create excellent images.

You can easily make your own scrapbook online 🙂

Canva: Best solution for all social media and website related images

Canva is a very helpful tool for the beginner. You will get the variety of premium and free templates to create your own graphic design.

As a beginner, I would recommend using free images for your website or social media. If you would like to go for a premium design you can spend $1 for each design.

In case you want pro version, you can buy a monthly plan at $12.95 USD. Check the pricing here.

Even free templates are pretty professional and can be used for your website and social media promotion. For the regular social media promotion, Canva is the best suit for you.

I will take you through the user interface.

Check Out Canva

Find the image below. This is Canva dashboard. Here you will find the variety of free and premium templates for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Websites etc. Choose any one of them to work.


In the left-hand side panel, you will find some very useful options. You will get a detailed tutorial to learn designing tricks on Canva.

Once you will select your image you will be redirecting to EDIT page shown below. Here you will follow the instruction:

Search relevant image for your project.

Here is an option to upload your own image.


After editing, either you can download or share the image with social media.



Update 1

Hope you enjoyed the article? The piece of feedback is always appreciated. I came across a very nice update on Canva and wanted to introduce here. This update is about adding ‘Filters’ to the image.

Maybe this term is new for some people but it’s amazing that now you don’t have to be a designer in order to add effect and Ritika Tiwari explained it very well.

Simple trick to enhance images


Update 2

Canva keeps on adding new features to it. Canva can now be used for creating a beautiful collage and you can choose from a verity of free or premium templates. Canva will give you the liberty to choose images from below categories and make your blog creative.

Banners – Canva
Blog Graphics – Canva
Book Covers – Canva
Business card – Canva

Latest news about Canva:

Canva is available on iPhone. You can enjoy creating beautiful graphics/collages using iPhone now.

Check out Canva on iPhone

YouZign 2.0: A desktop based application

When it comes to creating graphics for blog or social media content the only concern I had was TIME. Using free online design tool tools you can save time and eventually a lot of money.

Why youZign? First thing, this is a desktop based application and easy to use. You can download for Windows, Mac and Android app. Click Here

YouZing Pros and Cons

•Quick access as it’s a desktop tool.
•Fast load time as its app runtime based on Chromium OS.
•Fully responsive.
•YouZign is much easier and lighter than Photoshop
•Price is very lucrative at the moment. I would recommend at this cost ($39).

•This is beta version so still, there is a lot of changes need to be done.
•At the moment, offline editing is not active but it’s planned so we can expect this in next version.
•YouZign needs to add more graphics to the library

It’s a nice tool but I think when there are other competitive tools are available in the market YouZign seems reasonable.

youzign pricing nextisbest
youzign pricing nextisbest

Here is a small comparison among some top image editing tools such as YouZign, Canva and Photoshop.

image editing tool comparison - nextisbest
image editing tool comparison – nextisbest

I hope you have enough information to decide and see what is best for you. 🙂

You can free download high resolution images
How to become a blogger?

If you already subscribed YouZing, you can share your comment and feedback in the comment section.


I recently came across SNAPPA. I found this more or less like Canva. You can use any one of them.


The one major difference I have found was Tutorials.

SNAPPA has Knowledge Base where you can learn about the tool but all in graphical form.

On the other hand, Canva has a very interactive Design School. You can find a lot of easy to understand video content.



  1. Nice tool I was looking for something like this for my social media posts. I will go for CANVA

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