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How to make money online?

Blogging is the new trend now. Earlier it was a just hobby.

If somebody wanted to fill the ‘Area of interest’ section in the resume they use BLOGGING as their passion.

I am writing this for new bloggers who want to earn through blogging and work from home. I have started to earn money online and wanted to share this small moment with you all. If this worked for me it will work for anyone.

Nowadays the technology has got advanced and if you are not using it in the right way you are losing money.

Let me quickly share some easy ways to work from home and make money online.



Upwork is one of the best online ways to make money. If you are not sure, earlier this was Elance and I am sure most of you now remember.

I personally used this website and made a good amount of money. Now a day people are even using this for lead generation.

Alternatively, you can also find good resources for a very reasonable price. So you can use the same site to get the projects and get the work done as well.

Please feel free to if you have any question.



Flippa is a very interesting way to make money. On this platform, you can buy/sell websites/domains.

You will see the price demanded by the seller on the homepage and then you can place your bid.

The good part is you can see some statistics on the page where you will place the bid i.e domain age, earning per month, framework used etc.


The prices you will see on the Flippa is completely based on the domain age and earning per month.



Clickbank is another best site to make money.

What I am recommending that you don’t have to be master for all the platforms but if any one of these will click with you, it will help you to generate passive income.

This is very cool because first of all it free to signup and second it very easy to use.

You simply need to choose the category and select the product. Now you need to use this product as an affiliate.

Now every time some will make a purchase using your link you will make a commission.



PeoplePerHour is a UK based company which provides the platform to the freelancers.

You will get chance to work on the variety of projects. It’s more like Upwork. You can get technology projects easily.

When I say easily that doesn’t mean there isn’t any competition 🙂

Direct Advertisement:

I like the direct advertisement. Here you will make more money than AdSense. No doubt for the new bloggers, AdSense is the best way to monetize your blog but they keep higher cut than others. If you have already tried AdSense I would recommend using buysellads for direct advertisements. This is a more promising way to make money online.

All what you need to do is create an account at buysellads. This will take around 3-5 working days to approve your application. Once it approved you can log in to buysellads account and start to add a zone. A zone is ad slot you are offering. For example, if you are offering 790*90 top headers you can make a zone like ‘790topheader’.

Sell E-books:

Selling e-books is another best way to make money online. This is a great add-on to your monthly income. E-books are relatively easy to produce for bloggers using any topic of their blog. You can find the best placement on your blog to sell. You can also sell them on Amazon or eBay which can give you the higher return than traditional advertisements.

A good communicator can sell more and produce passive income. Who are good communicators?

Amazon Handmade:


Amazon handmade is new and very trendy idea to make money online.

Here you can simply open a store and start selling handmade things. You can make this passion a full-time job.

People are even making regular passive income from this site.

You can sell the product under many categories such as Jewellery, Home & Kitchen, Wedding, Beauty & Grooming, Toys & Games etc.

So easily you can start making money from your passion.

Photo for sale:


Another trending ways to make money. I don’t think it requires much of investment.

Nowadays you all must have a good camera phone or an iPhone. This is the only tool is needed.

Digital photography is fun and you can make a nice collection and avail these picture for free download and I am sure this will bring the handsome amount of traffic.

Also, it will show your generosity towards your subscribers. Blogging is not just the source of money. You can offer something for free. But on the other hand, if you can play some tricks with the pictures you can put them on sale.

You can try Shutterstock. Where you can buy or sell images, videos or music.

As this is a legitimate site for selling visual content you cannot copy or steal the images/video/music.

You will get the royalty free content here that means you have given the rights to use it for commercial or personal use.

Paid Reviews

Another way to make a decent amount of money. But this requires a good authority blog.

People can ask you to write a review and ready to pay a good reasonable amount. Be honest while writing the review if you believe in the product and feel it’s helpful for your readers.

If the service or application is free to download you can do it for free. Always check the advertisers’ website and make sure that there isn’t any premium version available for monetization.

If your reader will like the product they will be ending up buying them. So it’s a win-win situation for all three: You, reader and seller.

Start a service

You should start a set of services. We have already discussed e-books of your own, website design and development etc. As you are managing your own blog you can offer technical help to the new bloggers and internet research service. Here you can add more services of your choice over the time.

Social Media Marketing

I just came across this method and found very interesting. If you have a successful blog it ensures that you have a good social media presence. So invest time in social media marketing.

It’s more or less like reviews writing and you can recommend product or services. Definitely, people will pay for that. So social media is not just another place full of people, but it’s a marketplace.

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Kindle Direct Publishing


There are so many ways to make money. Here is another good one, Kindle Direct Publishing.

If would like to write a book and want to publish it for free this is the right place. KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is free to signup.

Once your book is published it will show on the Kindle store when people come to buy. They are not the visitors but they are potential buyers so chances are you will be able to sell copies and make money.



Fiverr is one of the most popular places to make money online. Fiverr is popular because you can get the work done in as cheap as $5.

Very easy and free to signup. You just need to write the creative gigs to attract traffic.

People normally use Fiverr for creating prospects and so they sell a service for $5 but they end up upselling for more than $100-$200.



Freelancer is no different than Upwork or PeoplePerHour. It just another platform to make money.

You can signup for free. For fee and charges you can visit this pricing page.


Last but not the least. YouTube is the second largest search engine. People are making 6 figures in a month.

I would say Ads are not the only way to make money on YouTube. You can sell products, endorsed brand, etc.

Feel free to share if have any other source of income for making money online. I will come up with more options in future.

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